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Five Must Visit Places For A Weed Lover

Welcome on board, Pot Smokers! You’re now in the company of likeminded and we are about to discover the joys of WeedLand in their full glory! So, are you ready? There are some places that will be absolute heaven for a weed lover, and I am going to tell you about the five places that are best of them all! Sometimes, I buy my weed from these places so it’s tried and tested guys, visit here. It works! Without further ado, let’s start with our list of top five places that a weed junkie must ritualistically visit!

  1. California, baby!

Well isn’t it obvious that Hollywood’s pet name should probably be Hollyweed? Everywhere in California you should be able to find a dispensary and although it is not necessarily legal, you can still procure it for a medical reason. But there is a process for it and you have to get a card in order to purchase weed with that medical card. The best part about California is that you won’t be the only junkie over there, you are going to find a million of Pot Smokers and what fun is weed if you don’t smoke it with someone! (Obviously it is fun, with or without anyone but I love smoking it with friends) so, give it a shot people.

  1. Washington

Now this isa rather budget friendly option and it won’t be heavy on your pocket either. So if you are looking for a reason to relocate to Washington, I just gave you one! In Seattle you can easily find the cheapest, typical weed and the fact that this state is so beautiful with its ocean views and serene forests ensure that those of you who are deeply introverted have a great view to seep in with the heavenly smoke.

  1. Alaska

This place is short on weed selling points and you won’t really be able to find a lot of weed dispensaries here. But, this place has actually legalized the use of weed for purely recreational purposes so you do not even need a medical card to procure weed from here. This is one of the biggest advantages of this place. The state is extremely lenient when it comes to the usage of weed at workplaces and therefore, if you are anything like me, go to Alaska and fulfill your dream of smoking pot as happily as you’d want to out in the open!

  1. Uruguay

How could you not visit the most weed-liberal place on earth? Well, this country is the first ever to legalize the use of cannabis in public and that happened in 2013. So, feel free to go there and enjoy some buds on the beach without any worry.

  1. Spain

Spain is paradoxical when it comes to weed. They’d allow you to smoke it and even plant it in the comfort of your home but you cannot smoke it in the open streets. Also, you should be able to buy it quite easily in the streets of Granada and Barcelona.

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