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Most people think these types of foods are completely off-limits if you’re trying to lose weight. They use these as their “cheat meals” and only enjoy them once a week… sometimes even less than that…I’ve spent the past several years figuring out a very unique approach allowing you to enjoy them on a DAILY basis while getting even faster results! This new way of eating is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before…It’s NOT paleo…It’s NOT Keto…It’s NOT Vegan, Vegetarian, or anything similar…It’s NOT low or high carb…It’s NOT even low or high fat…Yet it’s completely customizable to fit any food preference, which makes it perfect for people who are lactose intolerant, vegetarians, vegans, or even Paleo or Keto. Unlike most other methods., You can even have a few drinks on the weekends if you want to! The fact is, this unique approach is radically different than anything else you’ve seen before. Even the RESULTS are radically different too. This is a new concept for most people, so let me explain.I want you to think about ALL of the various types of diets out there now.Keto… Paleo… the Zone diet… the South Beach diet… the Atkins diet… vegans and vegetarians… intermittent fasting…… I could go on and on, but you get the idea. The point is, there are millions of people who have lost weight on ALL of these diets .They all work… in the short term. But you probably already know that as many as 95% of people regain the weight within just a few months of losing it. The question is why? This was the question I asked myself over and over again for months, trying to figure out a solution. Then I realized its because:I wasn’t willing to slave away in the kitchen doing meal prep for 6 hours on Sundays…I wasn’t willing to starve myself all week just so I could have one single day of binging…I wasn’t willing to force food down my throat that I hated, just to stay in shape…I knew that if I were to find something that worked for me LONG TERM, I had to think totally outside the box.I had to find something that kept my energy levels high… was easy to follow since I didn’t like to cook… and was totally effortless for me so I could actually stick with it long-term.And that’s when I discovered flexible dieting.Flexible Dieting allows you to be in control of what you eat, and what you don’t…EVERY diet works, as long as you’re able to actually stick with it. If you try to eat perfect all the time, you’re going to eventually give into your cravings and binge, ruining all your progress. Most people go to the FAR extremes when they diet. They go from eating processed, low nutrient junk foods for most meals… to perfectly clean meals. And as much as we all WANT to be able to do that, it’s just not possible for most people.But by eating this way where you eat a healthy diet most of the time, yet allow yourself to eat these “forbidden meals” whenever you’re craving them, in the specific way that I teach, you get the best of both worlds!The best part is, the recipes I’ve created not only satisfy your cravings, but they actually keep you SUPER full and satisfied.Plus you can STILL eat those carbs you love… you can STILL eat things like pizza, burgers, and desserts…And you can STILL follow other food preferences such as vegan or vegetarian for personal reasons .In fact, this system is how I’m able to maintain a well-defined physique, all year long without denying myself the foods I love and will allow you to do the same. With all of that said, I’d like to introduce my world-class, best selling book…FDL’s Greatest Hits is a collection of my favorite 130+ fat-burning, craving-killing recipes that help you finally achieve your perfect ideal weight without counting calories, sacrificing the foods you love, eating like a bird, or having to be constantly thinking about what you’re eating.


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