FlightHub presents: Surf’s Up, Canada

Surfing in Canada isn’t a phrase you hear all that often, what with the endless winter and our fanaticism for winter sports, many people wrongly assume that Canadians couldn’t possibly be interested in surfing! Also, aren’t our waters always covered in ice? But you couldn’t be more (well, half) wrong! Canada has some of the most spectacular surfing in North America, and FlightHub’s got you covered!

Tofino, BC

The quintessential surf spot in British Columbia and named by National Geographic as the best surf spot in the world, it’s no wonder that Tofino takes the cake for Canadian’s who dream of surfing. This beach-town is heavily frequented by tourists and surfers from around the world during the summer months, with swells consistently reaching over 8ft, FlightHub Review can’t get enough of Tofino.

Due its mild and temperate climate, you can surf year-round at Tofino as the temperatures remain consistently around 8-12 degrees in the water. Wetsuits are encouraged and keep surfers safe.

Habitat 67, Montreal

Known for its rolling and standing waves, Habitat 67 in Montreal has surfers covered. Located in the Lachine Rapids, river surfing differs from ocean surfing as the waves formed are consistent, meaning they can last forever. Formed by a depression in the bottom of the river, surfers can enjoy endless hours on the same wave, and never worrying about it ending.

Wetsuits are encouraged for surfing in the rapids, as water temperate range from warm during the summer to artic in the winter.

When you’re done, hop out of the water and head straight to the city for all your après-surf needs! FlightHub suggests grabbing drinks and cheap eats at L’Entrepot, on Mont Royal Avenue.

Sturgeon Falls, Manitoba

Who says you need can’t surf in Canada’s interior? Much like the river surfing in Montreal, Sturgeon Falls, Winnipeg, has dozens of outstanding stationary waves that’ll keep any surfer at any level as happy as a clam. FlightHub suggests being towed by a speedboat when getting to and from the waves as the water is very deep and whirlpools can form, exhausting surfers. The river is accessible year round, but during the winter months surfers are encouraged to wear a full wetsuit, including hoot, booties and gloves for their safety.

Kincardine, Ontario

These lakes aren’t called “Great” for no reason! Due to its rapid change in water depth, waves in Kincardine can range from hip level, to well above your head. This emerging surf town has been a local favorite among surfers, with hot showers, bathrooms and restaurants ready and waiting for you once you’re out of the water.

Spring and fall are the best times to surf at Kincardine, and due to the town’s recent push towards fresh water competitions, FlightHub expects Kincardine to become one of Canada’s go-to surf destinations.

Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia

Arguably one of the best surf spots on the east coast, Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia meets all your surfing needs and more! The town hosts two internationally known surf beaches for all levels of surfers. FlightHub also recommends the beaches for kayakers or paddle boarders alike, everyone can enjoy the waves so long as you follow etiquette! The town comes to life in the summer when the weather is warmer and influx of tourists come to enjoy the beaches. During the winter months (and usually until May) full body suits are required when heading into the water to protect swimmers from the cold.

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