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Food companies are required to conduct mandatory product tests twice a year

The FSSAI has stated that food companies must carry out the mandatory product testing twice every six months, with the g between the two mandatory tests not being less than 3 months.

These “compulsory checks” should be carried out twice per fiscal year from ril to September and from October to March.

The country’s food regulatory agency has issued a “clarification” on the frequency of mandatory product testing under licensing terms under the Food Safety and Standards (Food Business Licensing and Registration) Regulations of 2011.

The FSSAI added that the decision was made to align with the online filing of annual returns by food business operators.

„In order to bring the compulsory audit in line with the filing of the annual online annual declaration, which includes the fiscal year, it is clarified that the testing of foods according to the ‘Condition Number 12’ of the FSS Regulation (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) 2011, is carried out by the manufacturers on the basis of the financial year, ie first half of the year from ril to September and second half of the year from October to March, ”the order says.

„Condition No. 12” of the authorization and registration rules reads: „On the basis of historical data and risk assessments, ensure a test for relevant chemical and / or microbiological contaminants in food in accordance with this regulation as often as necessary in order to ensure production” and delivery of safe food through our own or NABL-accredited / FSSAI-notified laboratories at least once every six months. „

Food companies asked the Food Inspectorate to clarify the timing of the said condition. They asked the FSSAI to clarify whether the periodicity is „calendar-related” or „fiscal year-related”.

In the meantime, the FSSAI has also clarified that those food business operators who received their new license in the last months of the respective half-year, ie September and March, are exempt from the mandatory test for the previous and the last half-year.