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Food from the World: Cheesecake

A popular joke was around when I was younger. A teenager asks his mother to bring him something sweet from the supermarket. She buys him a bag of sugar. It’s true, it’s not the best joke ever, but we used to find it hilarious when we were kids.

Now we see how the mother wanted to make her son eat healthy by giving him the tools to create his own „something sweet.” Or she just wanted to play some twisted joke on him. Either way, I appreciate the sense of humor. You know what I would’ve done if my mother brought back a bag of sugar? A cheesecake. Definitely, cheesecake.

I feel in love with this magical dessert after I ate a piece in a Starbucks in Barcelona. I can assure you I wasn’t drunk, but this was by far the best cheesecake I have ever had.

Who is this cheesecake you’re talking about?

The Greeks are well known for their mastery in creating delicious dishes that include dairy. Apparently they were the responsible ones for coming up with this amazing recipe, of course, not as complicated as we find it today.

The first time cheesecake appeared in people’s lives was when Greek brides and grooms prepared it as their wedding cake. This is the origin of wedding cakes and from that moment on the tradition spread all across the world.

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Sources say that……..

– in 776 BC the athletes who were competing at the Olympic Games were fed cheesecake in order to help them resist the harsh competitions.

– the first cheesecake recipe was written in 230 A.D. by Athenaeus. The Greeks have been eating this cake 2,000 before this, but his writing is the first one registered. There’s actually a book written by Aegimus that explained in great detail the art of making a cheesecake.

– in 1545, the first cookbook was printed and it included the cheesecake recipe which was a sweet food based on flour.

– but the cheesecake recipe that is most similar to what we know now developed in the 18th century. Lots of European immigrants brought their own cheesecake recipes when coming to America so they contributed a bit to changing the history of this delicious wonder.

What’s so special about cheesecake?

It is extremely easy to prepare. Check out the following recipe.

What you’ll need:

130 butter +300 g digestive biscuits + 450 g cottage cheese + 200 g cheese cream or sour cream + 200 g whipped cream + 10 g gelatin + 6 tablespoons sugar +1 tablespoon vanilla essence + 400 g strawberries.

How to do it?

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1. Put the biscuits in a bowl and crumble them, adding the melted butter and optionally, a tablespoon of cocoa. Put this mixture in a cake pan that you have previously covered with baking paper and put it in the freezer for 30 minutes.
2. Meanwhile mix the cottage cheese with the sour/cheese cream and sugar until you get a paste. Separately, dissolve the gelatin in 100 ml of cold water for about 10 minutes. Melt it using the bain marie method and then let it cool off (don’t boil it).

3. Mix or blend the strawberries.

4. In a different bowl mix the whipped cream with the cream cheese and then add the gelatin. Put half of this mixture over the biscuits, add some strawberry puree and then put the rest of the cream. The remaining strawberry puree should be blended with the gelatin and added over the cake. All this goes into the freezer for at least 3 hours.

And it’s so delicious that you won’t be able to stop from licking your fingers!