Food from the World: Lasagna

Yesterday was the international day of lasagna. And I missed it!

Such a delight to one’s senses. Tasty, with a rich texture, a mixed flavor and an unbelievable explosion of spices. Yes, I’m still talking about lasagna. I thought that since yesterday it was a day dedicated t this lovely dish, we could prolong the aftertaste with a few interesting facts about this type of food.

The Facts of Lasagna

1. Lasagna comes from the Italian region, Emilia-Romagna.

2. The plural form of lasagna is lasagne and refers to multiple lasagna ribbons.

3. The word “lasagna” did not always refer to the dish. In ancient times, it referred to the pot in which it was cooked. It is believed to originate from the Greek word “chamber pot.”

4. There are different types of lasagna that are determined by the type of noodles used. In the northern part of Italy, lasagna is cooked with flat noodles while in southern Italy rippled noodles are more popular.

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5. Weird Al Yankovic did a parody of the song “La Bamba” and named it “Lasagna.”

6. The biggest lasagna fan is probably Garfield, the funny cat from the comic strip.

7. Ragù it’s the meat sauce that is added next to béchamel and Parmesan cheese. It represents one of the key ingredients of the lasagna Bolognese.

Where to eat the best lasagna ever?

People say you can find the best lasagna in Da Cesari , a restaurant located on via de’ Carbonesi, 8 Bologna. You can go there from Monday to Saturday, from 12.30 to 14.30 and from 19.30 to 22.30. You can also make a reservation at (0039) 051 237710.

Of course, if you want to venture into the kitchen and wipe out your own version of lasagna, go ahead and try Jamie Oliver’s recipe or this world’s best lasagna.

Try them and tell us how it went. Or better yet, send us a piece so we can judge it ourselves.

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