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Ireland is a magical place filled with great traditions, unique landscapes and cheerful people. And if you don’t believe me visit it during Patrick’s Day. You will surely convince yourself of it. Besides this, Irish also have lots of interesting recipes that will enrich your gastronomic experience and make you appreciate food.

Like this Irish soda bread recipe that is not only delicious but it also very easy to prepare. There is a reason for this! Keep on reading and you will discover!

What Facts Should You Know About the Irish Soda Bread?

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– contrary to what one might believe, the Irish soda bread recipe is not extremely old. The bicarbonate of soda was introduced in the country in the 1840s.

– until then, the American Indians used this ingredient for the first time as Potash (a sort of soda encountered in wood ashes). This was utilized to help bread rise.

– initially it was known as the food of the poor because it was made out of basic ingredients (baking soda, flour, soured milk and salt) that only the poor could afford.

– tradition says that before baking people put a cross on top with the help of a knife to chase away demons and protect their home.

– every region of Ireland has its own shapes and bake the bread in different sizes. For instance, in the South, most people choose to bake round loaves with a cross on top. On the other hand, in the northern regions the soda bread is put into round discs and cut into equal triangles. Each triangle is cooked on a flat griddle fast and simple. Ideal for when you have guests and need to break bread together.

– the „soft wheat” is the only flour that grows in the Irish climate. When it is turned into a traditional dough it doesn’t include gluten but it can be easily turned into soda bread.

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How to prepare it?

1. Start by preheating the oven to 400F. Put the flours, bicarbonate of soda and salt into a big bowl. Stir firmly.

2. Then make a well in the center and put the buttermilk. Mix with a fork until you obtain a soft dough (if the dough is too stiff add a bit more milk).

3. Knead the dough with power and when it’s done form it into a round and put it on the baking sheet.

4. Cut a cross on the top and bake it for half an hour. Let it cool on a wire rack and serve it in the combination of your desires.

Homemade bread is absolutely delicious and it keeps you full for a longer time. Give it a try!

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