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I’ve never been to Poland although I’ve met a lot of Polish people. Most of them were really nice and outgoing so I must say that visiting Poland is on my to do list. I do recommend you do the same thing. Why? Well, maybe the Masurian lakes might not convince you. The Tatra mountains either. Nor the best cities in Poland (Krakow or Warsaw). But the food will enchant you! No questions asked!

The Polish food is known for its delicious taste and for its consistency. Something has to keep the Polish warm during the harsh winters. But don’t worry about calories because a taste of these divine meals and you will forget everything about dieting.

What are the most famous foods in Poland?

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  • Pierogi – these are large dumplings that are filled in most cases with cheese, potatoes, onions and sometimes even fruit.
  • Gołąbki – the translation would be „little pigeons” and they represent pieces of cabbage that are stuffed with ground meat. This is combined with spices and it is cooked in tomato sauce.
  • Borscht – this is a type of soup that is made out of beets. It tastes delicious and it is very healthy for those who want to improve their circulatory system.
  • Rosół – this is another type of tasty broth or chicken soup and it is the most common soup eaten in Poland. It is extremely easy to prepare (all you need is water, chicken, onion, leek, onion, parsley, green celery, pepper and salt). And if you really want to feel the homemade taste, add some noodles.
  • Śledź w oleju z cebulą (herring in oil with onion) – in Poland, the herring is prepared in 2 manners: with sour cream and pickled onions or with garlic and oil.
  • Pączki – these are cakes filled with jam. They are very similar to eclairs, doughnuts or apple cake. Needless to say that they are extremely delicious.

Poles usually eat dinner in the afternoon (13:00-14:00) and it is the biggest meal of the day. This is followed by a sort of supper that is a type of smaller meal (around 19:00-20:00) and it normally includes salads or sandwiches.

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How to prepare it?

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1. Start by preparing the dough. Beat the eggs with the sour cream until you get a smooth mixture. Bring together the salt, flour and baking powder and then combine it with the sour cream combo until everything comes together. Knead the dough until it becomes smooth and firm. Cut into 3 inch rounds with the help of a cutter.

2. In order to make the filling of mashed potato, melt the butter in a skillet and then stir in the onion and cook it for approximately 5 minutes. Add the mashed potatoes and put salt and pepper to taste.

3. The next step is to put some of the filling in the center of every round of dough. Then moisten the edges with a bit of water, fold and then press them with a fork.

4. Last but not least, put a big pot of water to a boil. Add the perogies and let them cook for 4 minutes. Remove and serve immediately!

You can also fill the perogies with meat, mushrooms, seasonal fruit or sweet cottage cheese. Smacznego!

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