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French pastries

French Desserts And Pastries – What Are The Different Types

You will find it hard to come by substitutes for delicacies such as desserts and pastries? Yet, what tastes better than French desserts and pastries including cheese croissant, Chocolate Mou and creme bruleem – all these are some of the tastiest French pastries that will fill your taste bud. French is undoubtedly one of the finest makers of tasty desserts and pastries in the world. In addition, they have also taken these deserts and pastries out of their shores to other countries in the world. And for this reason, you can find French pastries in stores in the Middle East.

Generally, French style pastries have great taste. These pastries are usually beautifully designed to give it such unique look. With your order delivered right to your doorstep, you can help but appreciate the design, flavour and aroma that comes with the French pastries and desserts. In order to make them look colourful and appetizing to the eyes, different sauces are mixed together to add life to every piece of pastries.


Have you ever had the opportunity to take a bite from a French croissant? If you are yet to do that, then you are missing out on the tastiest croissant on earth. Regardless of the croissants you find all around the world, French croissants in considered the best of them all. First, the French pastries is crunchy and buttery. One of the things that make French pastries stand out is the filling.

Crème Brulee

Creme Brulee, meaning burnt cream, got its name from the top layer which is made of burnt “crème caramel” layer that forms a solid film hence guarding the custard below. Nowadays, Creme Brulee has turned out to be one of the favourite desserts in the United States. You can find Creme Brulee on the menu of most restaurants in the US. If you are yet to have a taste of this mouth-watering desserts, it is high time you got one.

Chocolat Mou

Chocolat Mou, which means melted chocolate, comprises of ice cream and melted chocolate chunks. It can be served in a glass and enjoy tasty drink with friends and loved one. However, Chocolat Mou is not a favourite French dessert in the United States but it is gathering momentum. Though, it is not as thick as ice cream, making it easier to drink.

French is home to some of the most desired pastries in the world today. Some people are looking to learn how to make their own pastries. Even though it is possible to master the skills in making other pastries, but French pastries takes a whole lot of time to learn the art and science used in making these great pastries. You shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity of having a taste of these tasty colourful pastries. Looking for where to grab one of the colourful French pastries, you will find lots of stores online selling great French pastries.