French winegrowing could look sparse in the years to come, as French wine-growing regions have been hit by the worst frost in decades. An estimated 80 percent of French vineyards are affected, with some losing almost half of their harvest. „I heard someone say it was like losing a family member.” said Eric Pastorino, the President of the Côtes de Provence Pellation. “It may seem childish, but that is very close to my feeling. Perhaps only winemakers can understand this feeling, but that morning we found ourselves in the vines with tears in our eyes. „

It’s been a bad few years for the French wine industry: First, former President Donald Trump imposed duties on French wine imports in order to compensate for lost money by subsidizing the European aerospace company Airbus, according to the World Trade Organization. The 25 percent tariff was a blow to winemakers, traders, and retailers who all had to figure out how to bear the cost. And while the pandemic led people to it drink moreAlso, restaurants and bars around the world have closed, leaving the vineyards with less stable customers. According to CNNFrench wine and spirits exports fell by almost 14% in 2020.

President Joe Biden’s government and the European Union agreed suspend tariffs Over the past month, many – especially producers and winemakers – hoped that this would bring positive trends to improve trade relations. But the frost was particularly devastating this year after unusually warm temperatures emerged that caused the plants to grow and bear fruit faster. Winemakers filled vineyards with small fires on cold nights to keep the frost from setting in, but the method often failed. French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted to farmers earlier this week, writing: “For you, farmers across France who have fought tirelessly night after night to protect the fruits of your labor, I want to tell you that you are our fullest Have support in this fight. Hold tight! We are by your side and will remain so. “Farmers are getting help from the government, but it may not be able to cover it all losses.

The frost has also affected other crops such as beets and almonds, and is just the latest example of how climate change continues to improve food supplies. Since French wines are likely to become scarce, we can at least do so with …White Claw Surge.

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