After ratifying the testing process for the Rid Analytical Food Testing – RAFT Kit in February this year, the FSSAI has proven 65 such methods / kits / devices for the final test.

These methods / kits / devices have been tested by the FSSAI in six product categories, including edible oils, milk, water and alcoholic beverages, meat and meat products, fish and fish products, raw and finished products, and an automated system for the detection of pathogens in food matrices.

According to the FSSAI’s updated report on RAFT kits testing, this information was recommended for final testing and the Certificate of Conformity is valid for three years from the date of issue.

These methods / kits would be used for screening and monitoring purposes and would act as a catalyst for speeding up the analysis of different types of food taking into account public health and food safety.

In the meantime, the FSSAI has also demonstrated the use of their logo along with the certificate number and the validity period of the best practices and kits.

The FSSAI states that it has received representations and it was decided to allow applicants to use the FSSAI logo along with the certificate number and the period of validity of the best kits / methods.

However, applicants should ensure that the FSSAI logo and certificate numbers match those on the certificate and that the validity period of the final verified kits is indicated in the document entitled “Status of RAFT Application”, which is updated from time to time will, it says in the order.

Applicants should also submit an FSSAI-mandated self-declaration form to the FSSAI within 2 days of initiating the process of printing the “Evidence Information” on the rid kit or equipment.

Last year, the FSSAI announced the first 2020 food safety and standard change (laboratory and sample analysis) regulations to begin testing the Rid Analytical Food Testing Kit, Equipment, or Method (RAFT).


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