How to Fund Travel aka Visit a Lot With Little Money

I have realized one thing: unfortunately, I cannot live without traveling! I have come to this striking conclusion when I was living abroad (of course) and the thought of returning home and staying in one place for more than 2-3 months terrified me. So I started looking for ways to travel.

But don’t picture me a little princess with a house made of glitter and a yard full of ponies. I have the same problems as the next traveling wannabe (in the good sense this time): lack of money. So I started browsing the internet until this little guy could do no more. It was like he was saying “stop searching, you won’t find ways to travel for free/little money online.” My perseverance paid off and if you’ll click here you will understand why.

What is How To Fund Travel?

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How to Fund Travel is a cool website where you can find extensive information on how to travel without putting another mortgage on your house. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

What will you learn here?

– strategies and tricks on how to fund your travel (it doesn’t matter if you travel for a long or short period of time).

– great tips from real travelers regarding the way in which they did it and came out winners.

– how the support of a wide community of travelers feels. Being part of the traveling adventure is a unique experience.

– you will meet some of the travelers and learn insightful things from them.

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– you will get to read popular interviews on how to connect with people, how to get a job abroad, how to travel with your family and how to make the best out of all wrongs.

– you get to cancel your membership whenever you want, receive regular updates, be active on the website’s forum and establish important connections with valuable people.

Personally I am very content to have had the opportunity to discover this site. It is so amazing, I am learning so many interesting things and the members here are great. They are a true example of force, energy and inspiration. The proof that if you want something really bad, you can make it happen!

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