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Gear Up for Your Cross-Country Motorcycle Trip With This Essential Equipment

Whether you’re preparing to head across country to the Sturgis’s annual motorcycle show or you want to explore all this great nation has to offer from the seat of your motorcycle, you need to gear up. Though motorcycles are designed for thrill, freedom and fun, you still need to protect yourself with the right motorcycle riding equipment. Some equipment you don’t want to forget to pack includes:

Goggles and Glasses

When you’re out on the road, there is no telling what type of road debris you might run into. When driving through the barren lands of Nevada, you might drive straight through a sand storm that can blind you and leave your corneas scratched and burning. When cruising along the busy highways of Austin, Texas, the vehicle in front of you may kick up a pile of pebbles. Keep your vision clear and your ride safe with industry standard motorcycle glasses and goggles.

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Your vision is important, but your noggin is even more so. Invest in a quality motorcycle helmet before trekking across country, as it could be an investment that saves your life. Even if your state doesn’t require a helmet, most do, and for good reason. Don’t let your vanity interfere with your health and shop quality motorcycle helmets for sale today.


Gloves don’t just provide for a comfortable ride (though they do that too!); they also protect your palms and knuckles in the event that you meet the pavement. With the right gloves, you can ensure that even if you skid across the pavement for a few feet, you can get right back up and grip those handle bars with ease.

If you own a motorcycle, you should already have the right motorcycle riding equipment on hand. However, if you don’t, your cross-country trip is reason enough to invest. Visit to find the gear you need for less.