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So you have a friend or a family member that is a traveler. What do you do when Christmas is getting close and you still have no idea what to get him or her for this special period of the year? Don’t panic: there are lots of ideas out there and lucky for you I have gathered 7 of the cutest and practical gifts to get a traveler for Christmas.

And make sure you remember this: you might not always understand why a traveler might need a special pair of footwear, but trust me: every detail becomes important for a traveler. This is why you have to make sure you do your research before you start sending gifts to fellow travelers.

7 gift ideas on what to get travelers for Christmas

1. Backpacker – if you are friends with a backpacker who often enough takes loads heavier than what he can carry, then you should know that a luggage weight scale might be the perfect gift for them. This way they can avoid overweight fees and they will not be forced to pay extra at the airport. Believe me: they will appreciate this gift when they will remember the amount of things they had to abandon at the airport last time they went towards their destination.

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2. Organized – some people suffer from OCD when it comes to traveling. They like everything arranged to the line and they get a satisfaction when seeing clothes neatly packed in the suitcase. Therefore, this vintage passport holder will help them remain organized in terms of vital documents and it will represent a meaningful memory.

3. Party People – so you have a friend that is the soul of the party wherever he goes. And he really goes places. It’s really hard to believe that a person can stay awake and party for so many hours. But it’s possible! Get him a pair of portable travel speakers that are waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. These will surely keep up with your friend’s crazy lifestyle.

4. Always on a map – we all have traveler friends who don’t leave their house without a map. Because you never know where you might end up and it never hurts to be prepared. It’s a boy scouts rule! This is why a crumpled map can be the right answer to all problems. It doesn’t get broken or damaged and it is hard to lose.

5. Beach love – you’ve got to love this person. Always by the beach, searching the perfect way to relax after a overwhelming period, this type of traveler always books his vacations in the sunniest destinations. So a dry case for their phone seems like the perfect deal. They can use it to do underwater photos without fearing that they will have to buy a new phone. Again!

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6. The sentimental – believe it or not, people also travel during holidays. And since the Christmas holidays are close, a great idea for the sentimentals would be a DIY Christmas tree. It might sound crazy but when you are homesick you tend to use whatever you’ve got in order to make yourself feel better. And this type of tree is easy to carry and ‘install.’

7. The reader – while we sometimes make fun of them, the travelers who read might be on to something. They can keep themselves busy while gaining some interesting abilities. A Sudoku book is a great choice to eliminate boredom on a plane and get entertained in a good, old fashioned way.

From the wackiest ideas to the simplest ones, a gift is special if it is made from the heart. So, what are you getting your buddy traveler for Christmas?

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