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The idea of ​​traveling around the world has grown in importance in recent years. More and more people from a variety of ages and backgrounds are deciding that it is possible to add a great journey to their life plan. Especially as more and more businesses and workers have started working remotely – which means you can travel the world while keeping up with your day job!

But what does it mean to plan a trip around the world?

I’m going to give you a few tips (seven to be precise) so that you can better arrange your planning so that they can show you how to begin your world tour with an ease that you may not have realized.

To make it easier to disassemble, I’ll break the process down into chronological steps You can check off one at a time.

Plan a trip around the worldPlan a trip around the world

7 tips for planning a trip around the world

Step 1: finalize where you are going

Before planning your trip around the world, you need to have an idea of ​​where you are going.

This process of deciding where to go may have started when you first discovered that there was a world out there to travel towhen you first saw pictures of places like the Great Pyramids and Machu Picchu, when words like Burma, Bali and Buenos Aires were just starting to catch your imagination.

The final Decisions about goals should take place about six to eight months before you want to go. That way, you still have a few months before you block your route by buying airline tickets.

If you have to, hang a world of meters on your wall, put some pens or stickers on it, and re-affirm the idea that you are actually going to do it Be in these places soon. Adjust them if your itinerary strategy or motivation changes. If anything, this process will serve to bring your vision together, not to mention sharpen your geographic skills – which is great since you will need them later.

Check out these posts for inspiration:

Step 2: create (and stick to) your travel budget for the whole world

The financial aspect of planning travel around the world may be the hardest and least fun part, but someone has to pay for the trip, and if it is you, set a budget. It could be the only thing keeping you on the street when others run out of money.

There are ways of determining how much things will cost. There is a lot of information on the Internet about the costs associated with traveling around the world. So use the resource to officially assign some cost to your budget plan.

Make yourself comfortable and physically write down your numbers based on your personal travel style. Use a spreadsheet if necessary, expensive budgeting software, an abacus, whatever works best for you as you want to have a complete picture of the whole process.

Here are a few categories to get you started:

  • flight tickets – see step 4.
  • Accommodations – You need a place to stay every night, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. If this is a problem, extend your stay in countries where the cost of living is high and lower your room standard in countries that are more expensive. Look out for homestays, couch surfing, and long term rentals to keep costs down.
  • eat – If you are a self proclaimed connoisseur, budget for a lot of restaurants, otherwise lower your grocery budget by swearing to eat chely.
  • entertainment – ie tours, shows, activities. Things like white water rafting, zipling, and zorbing come up by circumstance and you might not want to miss out. Keep money in this category so you can get excited every now and then with a jet boat ride through New Zealand’s fjords.
  • transport – Trains, cars, taxis, ferries, tuk-tuks, cycle rickshaws. This is definitely to be had in the budget; They will cover a lot of ground outside of the plane, make sure you have money to get seats.
  • purchases – things like souvenirs, specialties. Keep this small as you will get tired of carrying things around or sending them home easily.
  • Smaller additional costs – give yourself a big buffer for it because things show up, a lot of things and you don’t know exactly how things will be on the street. You can adjust it a few weeks after you travel to see how you fight back against overspending.

Step 3: Plan What You Will Do Abroad

Even by this point, you should have a pretty good idea of ​​how you will be spending your time on the go. This helps dramatically in determining how much time to spend in each location. Take it from me, a place can get pretty boring if you pass by idly every day.

Will you be:

Each of these procedures has different time commitments. You also need to know how long it takes for reasons like visa stays, setting dates for departures, and aligning dates for planned events in the future.

Check your budget again to include these details.

Step 4: collect your tickets

There are a variety of places you can buy airline tickets for all over the world. I’m not going to go into it here to say that some are better than others. But definitely don’t stop at the first place you see.

Knows that too The airlines aren’t the only game in town. In fact, if you’re not using airline miles, my recommendation is look elsewhere. The alliances’ websites may be chic and eye-friendly, but that doesn’t mean you are doing yourself a favor by using them to buy your tickets. There are numerous rules, restrictions and drawers that are not immediately clear, but which force you to travel in a certain way and completely unnecessarily. Perhs receive a price from the airlines to set the bar and buy the trip elsewhere.

In fact, it is possible that the ticket buying process could be fun and not fraught with frustrations, headaches, and insecurities.

Choose your patronage based on the following criteria:

  • value
  • service
  • Joy in the experience
  • Well instinct

Home improvement, remember: A few hundred more dollars spent on someone else to book your tickets can mean the difference between insoluble road logistical snafu and a hassle-free trip around the world. The choice is yours and how you want to plan a trip around the world.

If you do everything yourself, remember to tick this „flexible” ticket box – you never know!

The best time to buy airline tickets is 4-6 months before your departure.

Step 5: organize your life

You make the trip, you’ve already decided that. To keep everything up to date, you need to make sure that the time leading up to your departure is devoted to a smooth transition into your travel life. I’ll call this yours „Exit Strategy”.

Think of this strategy as a straight line to the day of your departure, then imagine a puppy trying to walk that line. Any time the puppy strays off the leash (due to glittering objects, the smell of cooked steak, someone trying to get him to do tricks), pick him up and put him back on. Always remember to get on the plane at the end of the line!

Your exit strategy works best when you write down a timeline from when to do things to be done when you go. A written timeline makes it 100% easier to remember what you forgot. If you need help putting together a timeline, options are available online.

Some important parts:

  • Set up your job as a sabbatical or organize your remote work schedule.
  • Take care of your pets, your house, and your car.
  • Get passports / visas.
  • Buy plane tickets.
  • Get travel insurance.
Plan a trip around the worldPlan a trip around the world

Step 6: Book a few nights in the first cities that you are also traveling to

Treat yourself to a smooth arrival in unfamiliar cities by knowing where you are going when you step off the plane. Book a couple of nights accommodation Before heading to the first cities (you can always extend your stay if the location and price are right), keep booking your accommodation to better predict your needs.

Booking stays longer than a month or two in advance is probably not a good idea as things can change dramatically on your itinerary, and canceling or changing reservations is often more difficult than booking.

Step 7: get ready for your world tour

This is probably the most fearful time you have ever lived. There are a million things left to do, and that’s fine. You can’t change that. What you can change is your approach to them. If you’ve used a planning timeline, you should be perfectly set up to go straight to travel. You’ve bought all of the items you need to buy, you’ve set up your vital signs for your absence, you’ve kissed the dog goodbye.

Organization is keyMake it a habit and it will help you dramatically when you are on the go.

That should do it. Seven Steps To Juice You And Make Your Travel Dreams Real!

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