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HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and is a hormone secreted during pregnancy is produced by the placenta. HCG has been used for years as an effective weight-loss supplement in the Netherlands. There are even several variants, brands and cures on the market. Where previously HCG could be administered through daily injections is no longer necessary. Current treatments can using capsules, drops, sprays and the like follow.

In addition, the modern cures contain the HCG hormone anymore. They consist of substances that mimic the action of this hormone, because the use of HCG is banned in weight loss products. Nevertheless, these courses are very popular in the Netherlands because they are as effective as the real HCG seem to be.

How to use HCG drops?

HCG diet drops are easier to use than the previously used injections. Typically, the liquid is sprayed in the mouth by means of a pipette from the ampoule. The liquid can then hold for a few seconds in the mouth prior to swallowing. This liquid has the same appetite inhibiting effect as the original HCG treatment. Combine the use of HCG drops with a low-calorie diet plan for best results.

Different Bio HCG Treatments

The HCG treatment has its origins in the year 1954. Since then it has become one of the most popular weight loss plans on the Dutch market. Since the use of this hormone as a slimming aid is illegal, there are several hormone-free variations have been developed in the Netherlands. These variants can mimic the anorectic effects of the original HCG treatment perfectly. And they do this without the negative side effects associated with the hormone. Are you curious about the many hormone-free HCG weight loss treatments? Then read on, or click on this link.

Bio HCG Original

The cure Bio HCG Original lasts 24 days. During the treatment period, you have to take every morning one ampoule of HCG liquid. This liquid consists of L-carnitine, citric acid and distilled water. This course is supported with a special diet in the book ‘Better in balance’. This book will receive free with the purchase of Bio Original HCG treatment.

Sense Bio HCG

Sense works in the same way as the original HCG treatment from 1954, even though there are no hormones. The Sense of base fluid contains only frequencies of HCG and a lot of important trace elements and minerals. The Sense spa consists of 24 ampoules and take each day one ampoule in a period of 24 days.

HCG Tablets

Would you rather use no drops, you may Bio HCG treatment follow with tablets. This treatment has the same effect as the ampoules and droplets. 23 days take 1 HCG tablet and eat according to the diet provided.

HCG Spray +

During 23 days you use the HCG Spray + solution daily and follow the diet provided. This relates to a diet which is both fat and carbohydrate-free. The HCG Spray + inhibits your appetite so that the diet is easy to maintain. In addition, it gives you the energy to get through the day.

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