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Healthy Eating Tips for Kids

Children are like sponges. They absorb all the information they receive and imitate the behaviors of the adults they have around. There are moments when they cannot differentiate the good from the bad. This is why they need role models in their lives. Role models who can show them how and why to select healthy food. Because understanding the reasons behind a healthy food selection is important in order to preserve good eating habits throughout time.

But it is also true that children develop a resistance towards listening to grow ups when they are told to eat their vegetables. So what is the best way to get through to a child? By having another child explain to them why and what they can eat in order to form healthy eating habits.

Before checking out the video parents can also take into account a few tips that can help them on the long term.

3 Healthy Eating Tips for Kids

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1. Variety – offer your kids a variety from which they can choose. Keep around the house only the foods that are healthy and can keep kids full. Leave the chips and sodas at the store where they belong.

2. Make a difference – you have to learn to make a difference between the least evils of all evils. If your kid absolutely wants to eat junk food choose something that is not 100% unhealthy. For example, between chips and popcorn always go with the latter one. Is healthier and you can eat more for the same amount of calories.

3. Eating slowly – I know this has been said before but it is important to give the brain time to acknowledge the sensation of hunger. This is why it is important to teach your child to eat slowly in order to give their brain the time to understand when it’s full.

Enjoy the video and watch it with your kids!

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