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Hiking and backpacking

Hiking and backpacking are sure to make you build up an appetite. If you’re heading out on a hammock camping trip, you need to have plenty to eat. Just because you’ll be out in nature doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste.

However, since you’ll have limited space and weight, you need to plan. This camping food list will ensure you have enough tasty food to enjoy during your camping adventure.


Meat is a great backpacking option because it provides you with protein, which turns into energy. Look for meats that don’t need to be kept in a cooler. One of the best staples is jerky. This dried meat is shelf stable and will last for your entire camping trip—and many months after.

Freeze-Dried Fruits

Fruit provides plenty of nutrients but backpacking with fresh fruit gets heavy. That’s why you should include a variety of freeze-dried fruits in your camping food list. You can pick a selection of your favourites, such as apples or strawberries. Best of all, freeze-dried fruit is very lightweight and airy.

Snack Bars

When you get hungry on the hiking trail, you need to have a quick and easy option. Bring along plenty of snack bars. Look for bars that include plenty of healthy ingredients, such as granola and nuts.

Tinned Beans

If you have a few vegetarians on your trip, you need a protein source for them. Tinned beans and chickpeas are the perfect options. Be careful when packing, however, because tins are sometimes heavy, so you won’t be able to pack too many.

Instant Potatoes

You probably want a few meals that are quick and easy to prepare. No camper can go wrong with some instant potatoes. These are easy to prepare over a campfire with some water, and potatoes are quite filling.


Another filling carbohydrate is pasta. You only need boiling water over a campfire to make pasta. Try bringing along a quick cooking pasta option, such as orzo. This type of pasta is also a great substitute for rice.

Packaged Oatmeal

You need a filling meal in the morning to get you ready for a day of hiking. Oatmeal is a great option. Packaged oatmeal only requires water to prepare, and it’s sold in a wide range of flavours.


You only need a few ingredients to make pancakes, such as flour and eggs. If you want an even simpler option, look for a packaged pancake mix that only requires water.

Hot Beverages

When the sun goes down, there’s nothing better than a hot beverage to keep you warm. Bring along a few options for variety. Instant coffee is great in the morning whenever you need to wake up quickly. At night, hot cocoa pairs well with campfire desserts.


Speaking of dessert, you should pack some sweet options on your trip. Chocolate is fun to melt over biscuits. Of course, toasting marshmallows over an open fire is a camping tradition.

Now that you have some great ideas for your camping food list, what do you plan on packing? Learning how to cook some of your favourite foods in the wild is a fun way to fully indulge in your hammock camping experience.