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Hoepaid Body Fat Scale,Smart BMI Digital Scale Bluetooth Wireless Bathroom Scale 17 Kinds of Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone APP Sync-White

Price: $28.89
(as of Mar 26,2021 09:30:26 UTC – Details)

Product Description



Hoepaid Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

The Hoepaid Bluetooth Body Fat Scale can measure seventeen body values, with four sensors, which can quickly measure your body’s values. The APP can track your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual measurement values, so you can fully understand your health status.







Display prompt

Overload: please do not exceed 180kg/396lbs to avoid damage to the scale.

low battery: Low battery prompt, please replace the battery in time.

Faulty measurement:

1.Bodyfat percentage is less 5%or over 50%,

2.Unsuccessful test

LED display

The LED display is clear and easy to read. It will automatically light up every time you measure, so you can read the measurement results quickly and clearly at any angle. The measured value can be clearly displayed in both day and night.

Automatic calibration

Make sure that it is automatically calibrated between each use, and that the scale is measured on a smooth and hard floor.


1. Lightly step on the body fat scale, the LED display lights up

2. Wait for the value of the display to return to „0.0”

3. Then continue to weigh







Easy to use

Download „AIFit” through Google Play or Apple Store, turn on Bluetooth to connect to the body fat scale, you can measure after automatic calibration, and the measured values will be automatically transmitted to AIFit. You can view your own values in AIFit to help you manage your figure. The measured value can be synchronized with APPLE Health, GOOGLE Fit, and FITBIT APP.

High precision and quality materials

With four high-precision sensors, it can accurately and quickly measure 17 body values. Tempered glass with a thickness of 6mm provides higher strength and support, making the scale more robust, durable and easy to clean.

Unit switch

You can easily change the weight unit between lb and kg by pressing the button on the back of the scale. We will include four batteries in the package for your use.


✿Perfect compatibility: Download „AIFit” through Google Play or Apple Store. The application can synchronize your measured values with APPLE Health, GOOGLE Fit, and FITBIT APP applications. AIFit provides multi-channel data sharing, sharing your good body history with good friends, multiple sharing modes, multiple sharing channels, and a lot of fun!
✿17 measurement values:Body Weight,BMI,BFR,Muscle,Moisture,Bone mass,BMR,Visceral fat,Protein rate,Body age,Standard weight,Weight control,Body fat,Weight without fat,Muscle weight,The amount of protein,The degree of obesity,can help you easily track And manage health.
✿Multi-user use: The physical values of up to 8 users can be tracked, and the health of family and friends is closely monitored. Each family member can also quickly and quickly track their own health status. AIFit provides day, week, month and year data records to help you understand your body’s historical data better, and there is no time limit for data storage.
✿Accurate design: with 4 high-precision sensors, using a high-quality tempered glass platform, advanced automatic calibration can provide you with reliable values, the LCD display will automatically light up when in use, providing you with accurate weight values, the maximum weight can be Up to 180kg/396lbs.
✿Note: Please take off your shoes and socks before the measurement; please place the weighing platform on a hard and level ground, and then step on the scale with your feet for calibration; the weighing platform will be very slippery when it is wet, so When using, make sure that the weighing platform and feet are dry. Do not step on the weighing platform with wet feet to avoid slipping during the measurement.