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Romania is a beautiful country, with amazing places to visit! We will speak about „Homoródfürdő”, an amazing Romanian touristic destination, in the mountains.

Homoródfürdő has always been an important touristic destination, where you will find recreation culture, assuring the nowadays required developments. Homoródfürdő is the great destination, not only for nature-lovers, but also for summer and winter sport fans as well. You will find spa, horse-riding and several program possibilities in a romantic surrounding, active recreation and delicious dishes made of natural ingredients.

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I’ve been visiting this amazing place in January, this year and it was a great experience! It was the first time I visited these beautiful places, but it was worth it!
The photos above are from this place of dreams. I’m no professional skier, but with the area you’re „connected” ski run attracts you from morning to evening. And at night, what’s nicer than relaxing at the spa?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will make you feel like a „king”, MasterChef type service will immediately attract you!
In the area you will find plenty of places to visit, mountains to climb, admiring scenery.
And all at very affordable prices! Worth trying! I highly recommend!

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