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When it comes to food, no other place can match Hong Kong. The city-state is not just famous for its glitzy skyline, neon lights, and futuristic shopping malls, but it also impresses the visitors because of that vast range of choices in culinary delights.

If you genuinely want to understand Hong Kong food and travel, it is always a good idea to go for a Hong Kong tour with a local. A local tour guide is the best way to know about the top spots for food within the crowded metropolitan city. Thus, in no time, you can cut out the crowds and head for the best places that serve those quintessentially Hong Kong dishes.

Hong Kong boasts of hundreds of dishes and snacks that one must try. However, it is indeed impossible to try out each and every snack. Still, there are a few that you must taste before you leave Hong Kong.

  • For the best Dim- sums- Dim sum is a little bite sizes dish that is served with hot tea. The fillings can vary and include shrimps, porky Siu mai and more. Every adventurous traveler to HK must try the Dim Sum.  The top places to enjoy the best dim sums are Lin Heung Teahouse, Sam Hui Yat , Duen Kee Restaurant and some more.
  • For the delicious Lo mai gai – Lo Mai gai is a popular standalone dish that is served at all restaurants. It is a must to taste the glutinous rice served with chicken, pork, and sometimes Chinese sausage and some chili sauce. Enjoy the great comfort food at any of the fine restaurants.
  • The famous Hong Kong Egg Tart – You must taste the Egg Tart which is famous for that silky custard sweetness. The small eggy custard tart tastes best when it is just out of the oven and with fresh flavors.  Enjoy it as a shortbread crust or with a flaky puff crust. Tai Cheong bakery at Central and Kam Wah Cafe & Bakery are known to serve the best egg tarts in HK.
  • The Cantonese style Steamed fish– Steamed fish, is a personal favorite here, and there are different ways of making the steamed fish. You could enjoy it in a black bean sauce or go for another version with lots of ginger and onions. Aberdeen Fish Market is known for the freshest seafood in Hong Kong and you are sure to enjoy the steam fish served here. Another place you could enjoy the dish is at Wing Kee Restaurant.
  • The creamy textures of Braised gai-lan – The richly flavored Braised gai-lan is made from eggplant which is braised in a clay pot and carries lots of rich flavors of chilies and garlic. Braised gai-lan is a hot favorite with most and is served with hot rice. Hong Kong restaurants in Wan Chai specialize in Braised gai-lan and mother one is Chan Kun Kee in downtown.
  • Sweet and sour pork- Sweet and sour pork is a famous Chinese food that is very common here in HK. It is a personal favorite with the locals and the tourists and is deliciously sour and sweet. Enjoy a steaming hot plate of sweet and sour pork with rice at Sing Kee.

Apart from the above list of hot favorites among Hong Kong food, there are many more that could be added to the list like Wonton noodles, Fishball noodles, Pork chop rice, Brisket curry and many more. Enjoy herb tea and bubble tea which are usually served in plastic or paper cups. Kai Kee Restaurant is well known for Hong Kong style baked items and its buns are a hot favorite with all!

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