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House Carers: For a Perfect Vacation!

„A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.” – Earl Wilson

Witty, funny and totally true. People need vacations in order to recharge their batteries and continue to function properly. Nothing compares to the idea of visiting a new place, with your loved ones and without a single care in the world. Just the thought of it makes me feel shivers of joy down my spine.

But as we already know, vacations come with the question „what do I do with my house, while on vacation?” Unless you live in a trailer, leaving your house on good hands might be a problem. It was a problem, I mean. Past tense. Because now you have House Carers. What is that? Click here to see something that can solve your worries for good!

Why Should I Use House Carers?

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There are 4 simple reasons why House Carers if for you:

Number 1: Experience! This website is administered by someone who really knows how things work. House Carers has been in business for more than 14 years and it’s done a hell of a job so far. In time, the site learned how to connect house sitters with owners, match them up and create a lasting relationship. This way, all members can take an informed decision without risking anything. All around the world!

Number 2: Privacy! You’d think that asking a person to live in your house for a while is eliminating any sense of privacy. But as you probably know you shouldn’t just receive everyone in your home. And this works for the house sitters too. Not all houses might suit your needs, so research is suggested in this case. To assure privacy, all members can be identified through a Username and a secure message system.

Number 3: Advantages! This is a win-win situation! Home owners get to know their houses secure during their vacation, they don’t have to pay multiple people to take care of small tasks (gardener, pet sitter, pool maintenance, mail collection, etc.) and can rest assure that in case of emergency someone reliable is there to take the lead. On the other hand home sitters can have accommodation while traveling or renovating their house, save money or have a change of scenery (artists in particular will understand this).

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Number 4: Contract! Just to make you feel even more secure, both parties sign a contract. In this contract there will be instructions related to emergencies, reporting damages, pool maintenance, pet care, houseplant care, garden equipment, maintenance, etc. This way both parties are protected against unfortunate events!

No more stress on vacations! Just enjoy!