Galatoires is a New Orleans institution known for its fresh fish dishes, classic Creole flavors and creative breakfast options for dinner. “This is one of the most famous dining rooms in all of New Orleans,” says Chef Phillip Lopez. “More contracts, deals, handshakes are made on the Galatoire tables than in law firms or churches. Weddings and divorces [etc.] everyone is celebrated here. „

The typical dishes of the restaurant include Rockefeller oysters. Lopez sources his oysters from master bowls Dragos, a nearby restaurant. “There’s a camaraderie in town, the relationships we build, that’s the kind of thing we want to keep going. We’re helping someone else and they bring us together with some amazing oysters. ”

Each box they receive contains 14 dozen oysters, and the restaurant processes about 12 boxes a day. That’s around 2,000 oysters, which shows how popular the dish is. The dish has a designated chef who prepares every serving. Each oyster is filled with spinach puree and herbal liqueur. The plates of six oysters are then grilled and when they begin to brown they are removed to make room for the next order. „It’s a dance all night long.”

This energy, with which each dish is perfectly prepared, is essential for Galatoire. “You go out on Bourbon Street and it’s just music and drinking and just partying, all the time,” says Lopez. “That has to get through to the dining room. This chaos is what makes Galatoire’s so special. ”

Watch the video to learn more about how the restaurant prepares its dishes, which are served to around 250 guests per night.

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