How About Quitting Your Job and Traveling the World?

Does that sound good enough? I follow a lot of traveling blogs written by people who travel out of pure joy, from the desire to discover themselves or to discover the beautiful world in which we live in. And whenever I come across people who gave up a well paid job and a comfortable lifestyle to go live in a van for example it makes me wonder. I am half jealous, half admiring these people and half wondering if they are crazy. Wait, too many halves there. But you get my point!

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It takes guts and a bit of recklessness to do this. And apparently Mike Hudson, 25 years old has them both. He wanted to travel and experience as many adventures as possible. So, in 2013 he quit his job as a systems engineer and began a project extended over 10 years: turning his van into his home.

Vandog is the name of his LDV Convoy bought on eBay which required five months of work until being transformed into a mini-house. Inside you can find an extendable bed, a hammock, a desk area, speakers, storage space, a fridge, a shower, a toilet, a pressurized water system, a LED lighting system that uses electricity from the solar panels and gas stored in an LPG cylinder which can be refiled at any petrol station.

He embarked on this adventure in March 2014 and since then he has traveled through countries like Austria, Spain, France, Portugal or Switzerland. And this is just the beginning. Mike doesn’t plan on slowing down this adventure. Visit Vandog Traveller if you want to keep up with his adventures.

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Would you dare to go traveling the world?

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