How Can You Spice Up the Relationship?

Even the most romantic relationship can lose its spark with time. Now your lover doesn’t look at you so sweet as several years ago and the former fireworks of feelings are quietly fading away.

Often this development doesn’t mean a complete loss of mutual feelings. Perhaps, your relationship has simply moved to a more mature level, when respect and deep affection, rather than the youthful violence of emotions, come to the fore. However, if you feel that the partner isn’t interested in you anymore, and the relationship can easily break up, you need to take urgent actions. Thanks to our peers from VIP Russian Dating site for this crucial information.

How can you find out what’s wrong with your relationship?

There are many ways to “shake” the partner, reminding of yourself. Everything, of course, depends on the specific case. Anyway, you attracted your partner’s attention at the very beginning, which means that your relationship has a certain foundation.

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Try to remember the time together filled with a feeling of perfect happiness, figuring out the following points:

  •    what kind of person you were at the moment when your woman realized that she couldn’t imagine her life without you;
  •    among thousands of men, she chose you, and it’s no coincidence – think about the reason why it happened;
  •    decide whether you are ready to regain your lost qualities and accept the necessity of changes in your own character in order to revive your mutual passion.

Hard work on one’s own personality can help almost every man to become not only a good and beloved husband but a better person. Being related by marriage, many men decide that from this moment they can afford to look like they want and behave as they like. The woman loses her feelings and interest in the man gradually but definitively.

Basic rules of spicing up the relationship.

The process of spicing up the relationship and getting the mutual interest back is long and sometimes extremely tiring. That is why you need to show diligence and try to implement an integrated approach to the task ahead.

  • Be patient.Do not try to put the pressure on the spouse, be consistent and extremely calm.
  • Make a deep analysis of your relationship. Try to remember that crucial moment, when your relations began to lose their power rapidly.  If one partner touched the other’s alive at a certain moment, then even a subtle understatement can grow into a deep chasm of misunderstanding in time.
  • Work on your appearance. Before making some radical changes in your own appearance, believing that this will make an indelible impression on the spouse and spice up your relationship, think about how much are you feeling pleased with yourself. A new haircut and fitness will make you enjoy your own efficiency and attractiveness, and the spouse will surely pay attention to it.
  • Create moments full of wonder and delight. Even the quietest people need bright impressions from time to time. Think of a simple but pleasant unexpected action that will be decidedly different from your everyday family life. Ask your spouse for a romantic date in a jazz cafe, previously leaving her a mysterious note, or go on a day trip to local historical sights.
  • Work on restraint in negative emotions. Constant quarrels over trifles, discontent, and depression will not spice up your relationship. Anyway, every woman expects living emotions, warmth and sincerity from the relationship with her beloved one.

Work on yourself, surprise yourself and others, rejoice with simple things and look for new colors in life – and then your spouse will not just be interested in you again, but, perhaps, will fall in love with you even more.


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