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How do I get from Helsinki to Tallinn by ferry?

Wondering how to get from Helsinki to Tallinn by ferry?

You are in the right place.

The Helsinki-Tallinn ferry route connects the capital of Finland with the capital Estonia and is one of the most popular ferry routes in the Baltic Sea.

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Helsinki to Tallinn by ferryHelsinki to Tallinn by Viking Line ferry

Ferry routes between Helsinki and Tallinn.

There are several direct ferry routes between Helsinki and Tallinn, including the Viking line, Tallink Silja Line and the Eckero Line.

My experience with the ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn

I have arrived at the Helsinki ferry port about an hour before departure and was surprised to find so many people there on a Sunday morning.

The ferry (Viking Line XPRS) is massive and looked more like a small cruise ship with at least 10 passenger levels including the car decks where cars and tractor trailers are loaded, duty free shopping, bars, delis, restaurants, cafes, poker machines and even a dance club.

Although the sundeck was mostly closed that day because it was so icy, there were still small areas outside on the upper deck where we could take photos. It was bitterly cold, but the sea was calm and the ship was sailing smoothly.

On the ferry, I had one of the best meals I’ve had on my trip so far. It was a Buffet layout and they weighed the plates to the cos. to determinet. I went for the local fare and got fried vegetables, boiled potatoes, and breaded pollock. It had a homemade taste and was a bargain for € 9 that included a drink.

I may be used to spending a lot of time on the water, but I’m not used to seeing all the ice and such breathtaking views. The harbor, for example, looked more like a moon surface than a body of water Ice floes everywhere and almost no blue visible.

I booked a walk-on, but that doesn’t guarantee you a seat. An entire deck is reserved only for passengers who pay extra. Since I thought that such a short crossing was not necessary, I strolled around the ferry and saw some people sitting and just lying on the carpet. After strolling the several decks, I came across an empty bench and put my backpack down to relax a little. It’s Sunday afternoon and I imagine that this ferry could get pretty festive on a Friday evening with all its bars and beer served everywhere, but today it’s peaceful and serene, everyone seems to be recovering from the weekend.

Time passed really quickly.

I enjoyed my trip over the Gulf of Finland and loved all of Viking Line’s amenities. The ship docked as smoothly as it had departed, and apart from the slight vibration of the engines, you’d never know you were on a ferry.

There is another ferry company Siljalinewhich departs from the same port in Helsinki. It looks just as impressive. Both companies also offer Excursions to other cities like Stockholm. I suggest online booking even if you are traveling without a car. I was out on a Sunday in January and it was surprisingly busy.

So if you are in the Baltic Sea Area and need to travel, I found the ferry ride to be comfortable, scenic and well worth the money.

Helsinki to Tallinn by Viking Line ferryHelsinki to Tallinn by Viking Line ferry

How long does it take to get from Helsinki to Tallinn by ferry?

The ferry duration between Helsinki and Tallinn varies from season to season and from month to month. It is best to do a live check for the most current information. It’s usually about two hours. The Viking Line XPRS ferry typically travels from Helsinki to Tallinn in 2 hours 15 minutes to 2 hours 30 minutes

How much is the ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn?

The average cost of a high-speed ferry between Helsinki and Tallinn is around € 30.

How to book the ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn

You can book the Helsinki to Tallinn ferry on the Viking Line with Bookaway Here. Simply book online, download the p and show your ticket on the p when boarding the ferry.

Please note that cancellations and changes are no longer possible after the tickets have been issued.

There are four departures per day on the Viking Line Helsinki Tallinn ferry schedule, including departures at 07:45, 10:30, 14:15 and 21:00 *.

* Please note that the times and prices are correct at the time of publication.

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