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Fruit juice is known as healthy. But is that right? Some juices contain a lot of vitamin C. But juice also contains a lot of calories. Do not drink too much fruit juice every day.


Fruit makes an important contribution to the intake of, for example, vitamin C, folic acid and fiber. Some juices still contain enough healthy substances from fruit. But many good substances are lost when making juice. In freshly squeezed juice is usually more vitamin C than in juice from a pack or bottle.

Can juice be replaced?

Juices can not replace fresh fruits. The good effect of fruit on health is greater. How exactly that is, is not entirely clear yet. In any case, there are more fibers in fruit than in juice. And fibers are very important. You get a full or full feeling of it. They help you stay on weight and ensure a good bowel movement.

If you do not get 2 pieces of fruit per day, you can replace 1 piece of fruit with 1 glass of juice. Then take orange juice with pulp or grapefruit juice. These are juices with a lot of vitamin C and there are also dietary fibers. You can not just replace fruits with all juices. For example, vitamin C and fiber is hardly found in apple juice and grape juice.

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Sneaky calories

Fruit juices contain quite a few calories. This is mainly because there are many fruit sugars that occur naturally in the fruit. In 1 glass of 150 ml apple juice, there are 69 kilo-calories (kcal), in a glass of orange juice – 66 kcal and in a glass of grape juice 96 kcal are present. Because you do not get so fast from drinking, you quickly drink a lot. This way you run the risk that you get a lot of calories unnoticed. Therefore limit the number of juices to 1 glass per day.


The acids and sugars in fruit juices can affect the teeth. That is why it is also important not to drink juice too often. And drink the juice in one go.

Is fruit juice the same as juice?

Fruits or double drinks are not the same as fruit juice. They are not drinks based on 100% fruit. These drinks are not suitable for replacing fresh fruits. There is much less vitamin C than juices, unless it has been added to it.

Health benefits of the smoothies & juices

The smoothies and juices are good for your overall resistance, because they contain fruit and vegetables and the nutrients contained in them are easier to absorb for your body than from a whole piece of fruit or vegetables. The advantage of the juices or smoothies is that they are raw vegetables and they contain more vitamins and minerals than cooked vegetables.

Make a different juice or other smoothie every day and you can easily vary in fruits and vegetables. Where you can quickly fall back on the same dishes at dinner, you can easily get variation in your diet in this way. It is in any case a good way to get more fruit and vegetables daily. So for those who have trouble getting their portion of fruit or vegetables daily, juices and smoothies are a godsend.

However, there are also various health benefits of a smoothie or juice.

Fruit juices are absorbed faster than the smoothies and therefore deliver energy quickly. The disadvantage of this is that you can get a peak in your sugar level. Diabetics can therefore go better for smoothies than juices.

If you want to detoxify, but do not fast, you can do it very well by drinking juices for a few days. It relieves digestion because all the fibers have been removed. All vitamins and minerals are still there and these are easily absorbed for your body. Oolong tea can also help you to detoxify your body, boosts your metabolism and aids in weight loss.

The juices of the slow juicer can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 72 hours but it is always advisable to drink them immediately.

Organic Juices

When it comes to organic juicing, Good F&B is the name you can trust. Good F&B is ‘Good Agricultural Cooperative’ and their mission is producing quality organic foods and beverages to customers.

There are nine types of fruit juices and you can divide them into three big categories – just watery juice type, jelly type, smoothie type. They are all from the organic farm in Korea, so the products are not contained synthetic preservatives, dyes, and L-MSG.