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How One of Texas’s Best Barbecue Restaurants, Evie Mae’s, Makes Their Distinct Take on Ribs

Outside Lubbock, Texas, Evie Mae’s is serving some of the best barbecue in the state, with dishes like green chile cheese sausage, brisket, and other classics.

One such dish is pork ribs.

Most barbecue joints serve pork ribs straight from the foil that they’re cooked in, leaving a wet surface behind. Pitmaster Arnis Robbins prefers to take the foil off during the cook so the surface of the ribs is dry.

„In this day and age where everybody is doing such similar barbecue everywhere, little nuances here and there are things we can be proud of,” Robbins says.

The seasoned ribs are smoky for about two and a half hours before they are wrapped in foil, The seasoned ribs are smoked for about two and a half hours before they are wrapped in foil then tossed back in the smoker for another couple hours. After that, they’re glazed with the house-made sauce, and returned to the smoker just long enough for the sauce to set.

Watch the full video to see how Robbins and the Evie Mae’s staff make other craft barbecue.