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Online dating became a global phenomenon more than fifteen years ago. Considering the increasing number of users of dating services and the fact that less people think that using sites for finding your soul-mate is something shameful, the popularity of online dating doesn’t seem to fade quite soon.

Online dating proved to be a great help in finding a partner in our time-consuming nowadays. Busy studying and working schedules rarely give us a possibility to have enough real life dates to establish any kind of relationships.

Still, online dating, as anything created by human, has its dark sides. When you’re using a dating service you can become a victim of swindlers. So, without a further ado, we offer to check out our five tips on how to avoid charlatans to have a safe and pleasant online dating experience.

  1. Keep chats on dating services or apps

It is always better to stick with reputable services like Vip brides site. It may not be the ultimate protection from online dating scams, still your personal and financial information will be safe. Using low-profile dating sites can get you into trouble, because they may be created directly by the swindlers.

Never agree to continue chatting elsewhere, and don’t ever give your email to your chat-mate, whom you don’t know well. Your email is the best way to hack your computer. Keep in mind, that if the person started using dating service, there was a reason for it. Asking all of a sudden to continue chatting elsewhere is already suspicious.

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  1. Block suspicious chat-mates

If your chat-mate acts strangely, continuously asks you for your email, demands money, or engages in any other form of inappropriate behaviour, you can always opt to block this person from messaging you. Every dating site monitors its users, so you can as well report the suspicious person.

  1. Get to know your chat-mates

Although, it is much easier to fell for a person whom you’re communicating with via writing, you must keep in mind that your chat-mate is a stranger. The only information you know is the one he or she gives you. So, you need to take time to get to know your chat-mate. There is no need to rush, no matter how charmed you are. You need time to make sure that the person your chatting with is the one who he or she claims to be.

  1. Ask your friend

Online dating knows thousand of stories, where people thought they’ve found their perfect match, when in fact they were chatting with con-artists. So, whenever you smell something fishy, ask your friend for an advice. Tell your friend all the story with all the details that looks suspicious to you. Point of view of the third party maybe extremely useful.

  1. Research your chat-mate online

Nobody wants to believe in being fooled, but researching your chat-mates online is for your own safety. Check if they have accounts on social media, check their profile pictures via Google Images. Some romantic phrases that they sent, should be also checked. If something feels really suspicious, feel free just to stop corresponding with that person. And don’t forget to report on him or her.

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