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Just the thought of a trampoline makes me smile. And that’s because it reminds me of my childhood. Of how I would go to fairies and jump up and down with my friends for hours without ever getting tired. And I bet that if you have a kid at home and you are reading this, he/she has been nagging you to buy him/her one. And now that you are considering the idea, you are starting to smile, as well. Because you starting picturing yourself jumping around and it feels so good.


Trampolines – Perfect for both kids and parents

What’s immensely interesting about trampolines is that they are not age-restricted. Although for some, they might seem the perfect idea to help children use their energy, they can also be used by adults. Either for having fun or for staying fit. Yes, you could buy one with this idea in mind, especially if you have a big yard and do not like gyms. Your yard doesn’t even have to be that big. There are mini trampolines that can be used even in apartments. If you are new to this, these top trampoline reviews will help guide you. 

Health benefits of trampoline exercises

1. Low impact cardiovascular fitness

Do you remember how the doctor advised you to engage in excises that help with cardiovascular health as often as possible? Well, if you buy your kid a trampoline you will have no excuse anymore. And the greatest thing about choosing it is that it is a low impact sport. In comparison to jogging, for example, jumping up and down on a trampoline is gentler to your joints and will keep you away from knee or ankle problems. This is because, after the jump, you always lend on a flexible surface.

2. Improved balance and coordination 

Yes, that is true. When you start jumping for the first time, you feel very unbalanced, but after some sessions, you will start seeing results. Because they can be used at any age, they are highly recommended for older people, who have trouble with balance, as well.

Steps you should consider before making a purchase

You decided that you want to make yourself and your kid happy by buying him a trampoline? Go through these ideas first and it will be way easier for you to decide:

1.      Think about type and size

Trampolines do not come in only one shape and size. They come in so many different variants that it will be easy for you to fit them anywhere in your apartment and yard. Let’s start with the round one and the most common one. This one is mainly used for relaxation and usually situated in big yards. Their sizes differ, as they can range from 5 up to 16 feet in diameter.

The second category is represented by the rectangular ones. These are built for professionals and athletes. Because of their shape, these trampolines can fit easily in corners, yards gardens.

Mini trampolines are designed for fitness purposes. What is great about them is not only their size but also their price. They are affordable and they pay off. Researchers state that 30 minutes on the trampoline has the same great effect as jogging. Go ahead!  

2.      Don’t forget about the area around it

Up until now, you probably thought about where you would position your trampoline. Maybe you thought about squeezing it in a corner somewhere. If you do not have enough space, please do not forget to consider the area around it. In the case of a trampoline, you are not only jumping on it, but you will also be jumping off it. And you need some space to do that. 

Considering where to position your trampoline is not only a matter of where but also of on what. To prevent injury, do not position it on concrete. You should rather opt for grass and use safety measures such as cushions or special sponges. You will read more about the safety measures below. 

3.      Net enclosures and ladders as safety measures

If we are talking about safety measures, you should consider net enclosures. They have the purpose of preventing you to fall on the ground and protect you from any type of injury. My advice to you is that you should buy an enclosure, regardless of the type of the trampoline or the person using it. 

Another safety measure you can use is a ladder. If you have small children around the house, who cannot be trusted alone around trampolines, just remove the ladder when you are not watching them and only bring it into the picture when you have time to watch them. You can read more on the subject of safe enclosures here.

4.      You should consider the weight

You do not want to risk your trampoline’s breaking. Of course, it is not something that breaks easily, but the weight has a lot to say in this. Before purchasing, think about who will be using it. Will it be your kid? Will it be you? Will it be two kids at a time or even two adults? Do some basic math to see what type you should choose, according to weight. 

5.      Go for UV-resisting materials

This one is for all of you placing a trampoline outdoors – in your garden or yard. Doing that exposes your trampoline to both sun rays and rain or snow. Because bigger models are automatically more expensive, you should make sure that you choose UV protected padding and UV resistant net enclosure. These will guarantee resistance over time, no matter the weather conditions. 

There, now you know all the important aspects of trampoline purchasing. You can buy it either for your child or for yourself and you will both benefit from the fun. Apart from that, this is a good method of losing weight and staying fit. From type to size, special enclosures such as ladders, and available materials, consider all the aspects before choosing the trampoline you want. Happy jumping! 

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