Camping offers access to beautiful hiking and fishing sports, making it the ideal way to get away from everyday chores and relax.

However, it is important to keep an eye on the environment – and this is where sustainable camping comes into play.

There are many things you can do to make your campsite stay environmentally friendly.

Sustainable camping tipsSustainable camping tips

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Top tips for sustainable camping

Let’s take a look at the steps you can take to minimize the environmental damage while camping:

Use solar energy

If you’re camping in an RV, portable solar panels produce environmentally friendly electricity, making them an excellent, clean alternative. They can power a variety of devices such as radios, chargers, and lights.

If you want to shower in the great outdoors, use one Solar shower? It’s as easy as filling a water bag in the morning so you’re ready to wash in the afternoon.

Here are some great solar powered camping equipment:

These are all great gadgets to add to your sustainable camping kit!

Take your litter with you

Campsites have big problems with litter so if you go to a campsite Make sure to throw away all of the waste you have produced. Try to leave the campsite in better shape than you found it instead of adding to the litter problem. This is vital as it can take months or even years for the garbage to decompose. Also try not to leave food as this will attract animals to the campsite for a snack.

Have a safe fire

Most campsites have fire restrictions to watch out for, while other campsites even have their own fire rings that you can use. If you choose wood, choose fallen wood rather than chopping wood from trees.

If you can’t start a fire for safety reasons, you can use camping stoves to cook with, lanterns to provide you with light clothing, and extra clothing to keep you warm.

Wash it green

If you keep an eye on the environment and bring reusable flatware, wash it green too. Instead of using toxic detergent, try using it biodegradable sos. Also remember that liquid waste must not be dumped into a river, but onto vegetation or dry ground.

Green equipment

These days, caravan dealers choose camping supplies, so choose wisely. When it comes to sustainable camping, here are some ideas you can consider:

Choose a Tent made entirely from recycled materials. If this is a little too expensive for you, check this out used tents or eco-friendly tents in a sports shop.

There is also a wide range of environmentally friendly sleeping bags. Whichever choice you make, be sure to look at the materials before deciding on a tent or sleeping bag.

Check out these great campsites in the USA:

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