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How to Keep a Healthy Vegan Diet While Traveling on a Budget

Traveling on a budget is reasonable. Everyone has a limit, and you cannot be expected to have a bottomless wallet while trying to maintain a vegan lifestyle while you are also traveling. Something has to give… unless you know exactly how to stretch your dollar so that you can be both a vegan and a world traveler. It isn’t easy, and it does require preparation, but if you know what you are doing then what was once a distraction will now just be a part of a natural process when travelling from one place to another.

Some of the instructions that will be given are relatively simple: packing snacks, doing your research beforehand, and heading to a local supermarket are all somewhat obvious choices, but there are other things that may not jump out as you as you are preparing for your trip. Special applications are needed, because if you are going to eat vegan food while travelling on a budget, you need to be properly prepared.

Step 1: Preparation

Before you leave to go on your trip, be sure to pack wisely. This means packing lots of vegan snacks that will not only last for the duration of your trip (or at least a good portion of it) but will also be able to handle jostling from being packed away and carried around. By vegan snacks, you should consider vegan foods like bags of nuts, sunflower seeds, or dried fruits, things that are small and easy to carry. If you are staying at a hotel, be sure to check to see if a kitchen or kitchenette is included. If not, a bar fridge to store your food is essential. If you have a vegan meal delivery in Toronto before you leave, you should pack some of those as well. You should also consider bringing a portable smoothie maker as well, because if you need something to drink then you can just throw together some local fresh fruits and greens and make a smoothie.


If you are going somewhere that doesn’t primarily speak English or your native language, some creativity will be required in order to maintain your diet. Two things specifically are needed: a way to communicate, and a way to find places to eat. The first can be solved by Vegan Passport, which can either be found digitally via an app for your Android or iOS device, or you can also buy a physical copy online. What the Vegan Passport does is allow you to communicate with up to 96% of the world’s population in a handy guide, and it shows either images of vegan food that you want to eat, or phrases that will help you make your intentions clear.

The second (and arguably the most important) method of maintaining your vegan diet is finding somewhere to eat, whether it is at a five-star restaurant or a six-table restaurant on the corner of a busy street. HappyCow is an application that helps you find vegan restaurants worldwide in over 185 countries. It allows you to search by keyword, such as Gluten-Free or Vegan, and filters by which businesses are open. For those with a limited internet plan, it also allows you to you’re your favorite listings for offline viewing. For anyone on the road and wanting a vegan meal delivery, HappyCow is an essential app for any would-be world traveler, let alone vegan lovers.

Step 2: Arrival

Let’s say your flight is delayed. It can happen, and you are stuck at an airport with nothing to eat and time to spare. You look around, and you see a restaurant. It’s a little pricy, but it’s food. You celebrate, until you realize that you don’t know what is vegan and what is not? What to do. Well, since we’re not there we can’t exactly tell you what to choose, but what we can tell you is that you should focus your attention toward Mexican, Asian, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern food. Why those types of foods? Because they are a type of vegan food delivery that would be acceptable for vegans. Of course, this isn’t a certainty, but if you have no idea what to order, you should look for those types of foods first.

Once you have arrived at your destination, you should get the lay of the land. Do you have a kitchen? No? Then make sure you have something to put your food in, like a mini-fridge at the very least. Once that is accomplished, you should look for a local supermarket or marketplace. While eating out at a restaurant is great, preparing your own food in a different country can be a necessity if you want to keep eating food that is similar to vegan food delivery in Toronto. Plus, it’s most likely a lot cheaper to buy your own food and prepare it beforehand.

Once you have your own food, be sure to use your smoothie maker to make some drinks to store in your mini-fridge. It’s not much, but it is a lot better than nothing, especially if you are on a limited budget. HappyCow is essential if you are searching for cheaper restaurants, because it not only able to search for vegan restaurants only, it shows user reviews and the average price point for the restaurant. Of course, once you have found the perfect restaurant, it’s time to whip out your Vegan Passport to help you order your meals. Rinse and repeat during your vacation and enjoy.

Eating Vegan Shouldn’t be Expensive

Eating vegan shouldn’t be a timely or costly endeavor. With this in-depth guide for eating vegan food delivery on the road, it becomes not an impossibility but an adventure as you search for vegan food to eat. Of course, there’s always difficulties, but the tools are available for anyone who wants to ensure that they are not only eating healthy on the road, but they are eating vegan. The Vegan Passport is arguably the most important tool that a traveling vegan can use, as it not only provides a translation in different countries for a vegan, but it allows you to eat what you want wherever you want. HappyCow is also essential, as finding a restaurant sounds easy, but actually knowing where the right restaurant is very important. You could easily just ask someone and go to the standard default vegan restaurant, but if you are traveling worldwide, why not go to an out-of-the-way location that only the locals know? With HappyCow and the Vegan Passport, you’ll not only be able to eat vegan, but you’ll save money while doing so. It’s a win-win situation, or la situation gagnant-gagnant if you happen to be traveling to France!