How to Pack Light When Traveling

Packing is an important part of any traveling experience. Depending on where you travel you need to make sure that baggage will not drag you down and make you miss all of the important moments just because you had too much luggage to take care of. Of course, it is important to have with you the things that cannot miss from a voyage. But do you know how to set your priorities straight?

Remember that when traveling, luggage can help you or put you in trouble. You are in control of your choices so make sure they are good ones. Be smart about this and learn how to pack light and efficient.

5 Vital Tips on How to Pack Light

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1. Make a list – just like Santa is making a list and checking it twice you should do the same thing. List-making is the thing that will save you from waking up in the morning of a vital event realizing that you left your best dress at home. Or that you are invited to a hiking expedition and you left your sneakers at home. I can go on and on with these examples but I think you understand the point.

2. Wash – I use this joke whenever people who know nothing about Romania ask me where I am from and then they ask silly question. My answer always is “yes, and we also have Internet connection, water and lollipops.” This also applies to this case. Whether you will end up washing your clothes at the hotel’s laundry, at the local cleaners or by yourself (this is why it is not a bad idea to bring a bit of detergent with you), clothes will end up washed. So don’t bring five pieces of the same model of clothing.

3. The trilogy – three is a magical number. Remember this when you pack socks, underwear or shirts. You can wear one while washing the other and let the last one dry. However when it comes to pants, skirts or shorts, one or two pairs would be enough, depending on the period of your travel.

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4. Wrinkles – always buy clothes that are made out of synthetic blends and are resistant to wrinkles. In this case they do not get that nasty smell even after a few wearings and they look just as good as the cotton and wool blend. Apparently this blend might look wrinkled when it is taken out of the bag but in contact with the heat of the body it manages to smooth up. My dream came true!

5. Neutral colors – when packing make sure you choose neutral colors or at least colors that complement each other. When traveling for business remember to pack pants, shirts and blazers that combine each other in browns, whites and blacks. Try selecting a piece of clothing that can be mixed with different colors so that you can build up combinations as you go.

This is the gist guys. If you have any additional tips don’t keep them just for yourself. Sharing is caring!

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