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How To Pick A Suitable Limo Service When Doing Airport Transfers In Chicago


Although it sounds like they serve merely for the purpose of transport from and toward the airport, the luxurious fleets of Chicago airport limousine services could be hired for a whole lot of other events. Whatever the occasion, a limo brings that grandness of style and elegance, putting forth the passenger to the limelight.

Choosing the best

If you’re on the hunt for best limousine services, you’re in luck. There are more companies in Chicago than ever before, and more resources for you to use to help narrow your search. If you go about your search with a savvy mind, you can not only find a great deal, you can find a great company that will take care of you and makes your occasion something to remember. Every company has its strong suits and its weaknesses. The key is to find out what things are most important to you and making your decision by using those factors as a guide.

One of the first things to be aware of when choosing between limousine services in Chicago is the type of fleet they have. Some smaller companies may only have one or two cars to choose from. Larger companies could have a fleet of hundreds, with every possible amenity and style you could want. You can find limos that have every feature under the sun and you can find ones that offer transportation and not much more. What you’re looking for will naturally depend on your budget and what the occasion is. If you just need someone picked up from the airport, you can obviously skimp a little on the extras.

For your airport transport services needs, a limousine service in Chicago, you need to go about it the right way so that you get exactly the service you need without any surprises.

  • Plan far in advance – There are certain times of the year when many of the limousine services could be fully booked – this is especially likely during prom time, or weekends in the summer. Don’t procrastinate, because you could find yourself without a limo. As soon as you know the date(s) you will need service, start checking around – particularly if you have a large group and need a limousine that will accommodate a lot of people.
  • Get the best rate – It’s fine to get a verbal rate over the phone, but also look on the limousine service website or on advertising flyers. That gives you a rate that is in print, rather than something that was told you by phone. Also, ask about discounts if you are going to need more than one car.
  • Get recommendations – Do you know anyone that has used a limousine service in Chicago recently? Maybe a friend has gotten married or used a limo for some other type of event. The first-hand recommendation from someone you know and trust should go a long way to ensure that you hire a good company.
  • Check out the cars – Nothing beats a good personal inspection. You might even be able to see the exact car or party bus that you would be using. This will tell you how the company takes care of its vehicles. If you are not comfortable making an assessment regarding proper maintenance, take a friend with you who might be more knowledgeable. However, you don’t need to be a mechanic to see if the vehicles are well-kept and clean.
  • Read the contract carefully – This is what it all comes down to; what does the contract say? Again, it may be good to have a trusted friend go over this with you. Find out how much deposit is required to reserve, and what the limousine service’s cancellation policy is. You definitely want to know these things (and more) before signing the contract.
  • Confirm a few days ahead of time – It can’t hurt to check with the limousine service 3 to 5 days ahead of time, or even a week before your date, to be sure that everything is still a go. You don’t want any surprises on your big day!

Finally, there is one more factor to consider when hiring a limousine service in Chicago. When you go and visit the company and see the cars, be sure to meet the owner. Get a feel for how he runs the business and how he treats the customers. This is not a „black and white” thing that can be measured exactly, but you should only deal with someone that you are comfortable with.