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Boating is considered to be one of the most calming and relaxing activities, owing to the peace and quiet you instantly get once you are on water. Therefore, an increasing number of people takes interest in boat tours that provide a day of fun and escape from the fast-paced tempo of life.

Some people plan their own outings, accompanied by friends and family while others join organized tours in larger vessels, such as Seattle Duck boats, operated by professionals and providing maximum enjoyment.

Regardless of your preference, the tips below are essential to follow when planning a boat tour.

Select the destination attentively

The initial thing to consider prior to setting off on your boating excursion, is doubtlessly the destination that you wish to reach. Since tourist places provide numerous opportunities for your boating adventure, it’s paramount to choose the one that suits you the best.

Regardless of whether you are planning the day-trip on your own or you’ve decided to join other tourists on an organized tour, distance plays a key element, particularly for people without any previous boating experience. Riding on a vessel tends to be rather exhausting, owing to the constant exposure to the sun as well as the motion of the waves. However, if you opt for a nearby destination, you won’t be at risk of feeling exhausted.

In addition, make sure you set realistic goals in terms of distance, as once you board the ship, you’ll be obliged to complete the tour, in spite of your change of heart. Plenty of people are overenthusiastic in the beginning of the trip, only to find themselves bored and worn out after spending a couple of hours on the deck.

Apart from the passengers, the vessel itself has to be in a good condition in order to complete the trip without any unwanted consequences. It has to be inspected before setting sail by the person responsible for the excursion. In case you are organizing the outing with your friends or family members, the tips on this page will help you get the boat ready for water.

Don’t forget checking the weather  

Another essential, but often unpredictable factor of boat excursions, is definitely the weather. Although you can’t be entirely sure about its intention on that particular day, it’s worth checking the weather forecast in order to know what to expect.

Apart from checking your standard weather application, for more accurate information, you’re advised to download a special marine application that forecasts the weather in more details, such as wind direction and speed as well as rain probability.

Therefore, if your application states that a sunny weather is expected over the course of the week, then you should set your plan in motion. However, in case the weather is predicted to be rainy and windy on consecutive day, it’s not worth taking the risk. As much as you’re keen on going, it’s better to postpone the excursion for sunnier days.

There’s no point in taking a boat tour in unfavorable weather conditions, as you’re going to spend the whole day out in the open. Rain and wind are considered to be enemies of boating, as they’ll ruin your enjoyment, comfort as well as affect the stability of the vessel. Most frequently, storms come out of nowhere, being short in duration, but harsh in intensity. Visit the following link:, to learn how to deal with common weather hazards when boating.

Take food and beverage

Many people disregard the aspect of taking food and beverage for their water excursion, by only taking extremely small quantities or none. In fact, it’s essential to keep hydrated while being onboard the vessel in order to reduce the chances of heat exhaustion when sailing in an extremely hot weather.

Moreover, you’re also supposed to take some light food, such as fruit or snacks, as otherwise you are at risk of being sick from the incessant motion of the waves. Having food and water supplies is especially significant when sailing on a longer distance.

For instance, some boat tour organizers provide their passengers with lunch and drinks on deck, included in the price of the ticket. Therefore, if going for an organized excursion, make sure you inquire the organizer about the aspect of food and drinks, so as to know whether to bring your own.

Pack up the essentials

As much as packing up for a day trip sounds silly, you’re really supposed to pack up a bag of essentials in order to be prepared for each part of the day. For example, since the sun is much harsher on a watercraft, as it being reflected from the water, you’re more prone of getting sunburnt. Thus, the first item on your list should definitely be a sunscreen.

Make sure that you wear other protective elements such as hats and sunglasses. Nevertheless, don’t forget to take a jumper and a pair of pants as once the sun sets down, the weather automatically gets cooler, much cooler than on land.

Furthermore, take all the gear and items that will be useful to you during the trip as well as on the destination itself. Take your googles, water mask, fishing rod, books, magazine or anything else that relaxes you.

Wrap up

When going boating, choose a close-distance destination, check the weather, stay hydrated, and pack the essential.

Most importantly, stay safe!

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