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How To Stay Warm This Winter

As the nights start drawing to a close much earlier and the temperatures start dropping, it is time for us to start thinking about how we are going to get and stay cozy and warm. If we’re honest, we don’t know what will happen this winter—it could be boiling for all we know! But terrifying climate change aside, this piece will discuss some of the ways in which we can prepare for the chills.

Rechargeable Hot Water Bottle 

We have reached a point in our futures where hot water bottles no longer contain hot water. Wild. While this is fantastic for reducing water wastage, it is also great for avoiding leaks and boiling-water burns too. These new devices operate by charging for around 12 minutes and then lasting five or six hours!

You would be hard-pressed in the current technological climate to not be able to find somewhere to charge your hot water bottle for 12 minutes, and one could argue that this is far more convenient than hogging the only kettle in the staff room. 

New Stylish Coat 

We might not need a new coat, but after the year that we’ve been through, it is almost certain that we all deserve a treat. With trends changing as fast as the weather, a brand-new coat for winter could be just what we need to warm both our bodies and our spirits. Browse for some of the latest must-have coats and jackets to keep you toasty! 

 Electronic Pocket Warmer 

It is safe to say that technology has been doing a fantastic job of keeping us warm over the past couple of years, and it is predicted that this will only improve. Meet the electronic pocket warmer. These little slices of heat can be taken with you wherever you go, making it an excellent portable and discreet option for those who are prone to feeling the cold. 

 Eat and Drink Everything Ginger 

Interestingly, one of the reasons we might associate ginger with winter is because it’s a herb that we associate with warming and antibacterial properties! Ginger helps to keep your body warm as it has thermogenic properties that then help stave off the chills. It is also fantastic for digestive health and has numerous other benefits, so there is no need to be shy when reaching for your gingerbread latte with a gingerbread man for good measure—it’s science. 

Treat Yourself to a Hat 

While the myth of “half of the heat from our bodies actually escapes through our head“ has been dispelled, there is still a lot to be said for wearing a hat to keep warm. A hat protects your ears and neck from the cold, helps us retain 7-10% body heat (which is still extremely important when you are cold), and can help prevent hypothermia when used in conjunction with other necessary layers. 

There are tens of thousands of styles of hats these days, which is great news for those who need to stay warm but also want to look cute!