How to Survive Motion Sickness

Traveling is an unique experience. It can leave you speechless and it can make you wonder of the infinite beauties that exist in this world. But traveling can also be a drag if you love it, but cannot perform it. There are people who love traveling but cannot enjoy it because of motion sickness. Personally, I have a horror of vomiting in a public space. The mere thought of it keeps me paralyzed as we speak.

But since karma is such a lovely lady and always looks out for our best interest, so it happens that I have to ride a bus everyday. There are some days when things are acceptable and others when I cannot get rid of the dizziness inside my head. Those who have gone through this know what I am saying.

And since this is a life and death experience and I still have to use the bus, I had to find something to kill this monster. Here is what I’ve found:

Best 5 Tips to Fight Motion Sickness

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Ginger – or peppermint. Choose whichever you like more. Both of them can fight against nausea and can help you resist a difficult ride. Whether you are traveling by plane, car or boat, a bit of ginger in your snack pack will do you good.

Stay calm – I know this seems redundant, but keeping your cool about this can also help you be more relaxed and forget about motion sickness. The power of the mind is an extraordinary one. If you think happy and relaxing thoughts you will notice how easy it becomes to endure a bumpy ride.

Don’t stand – standing up might not be your best option when you are trying to keep your stomach together. Some drivers can be really reckless so it is better to avoid being tossed around like a bag of potatoes and sit. I even sit on the bus’ floor. It sounds (and it is disgusting) but I put something under me and it really helps me get through it. Of course, I dress like a homeless person while I take the bus, but that’s another story.

Eat something – but try not to make it an egg and mayonnaise salad. When you know you have to travel by bus just eat some crackers, a banana or some biscuits. Something that will keep your stomach calm but at the same time it won’t make you sick. However, remember that people are different. So if you don’t tolerate food at all, it is wiser not to eat anything.

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Look into the distance – in some cases it is wiser to look far into the distance instead of looking down. Stare at the sky or at the water and let your eyes understand the kind of movement your body makes. Avoid by all means watching at telephone poles or mile markers because this will make you dizzy.

These tips have been beneficial for me. Give them a try and see how it works for you!

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