At Hyodo Chicken in Seoul, South Korea, chefs Mingoo Kang and Shin Chango focus their entire experience in Michelin-star kitchens on perfecting a one-of-a-kind dish: Korean fried chicken.

The duo focuses on high quality ingredients and unique flavors in their crispy fried chicken. The restaurant offers both crispy, delicious dishes as well as spicy, dry-grated pieces. The two are constantly sharing the knowledge they have gained from their high-end restaurant experience, especially when it comes to the most important part: frying the chicken. The chefs explain how roasting just once causes the moisture to build up inside and then drip out. However, if you let the chicken rest and cook it a second time, the meat has a chance to soak up the juices on the inside and stay extra crispy on the outside. They also show another pro tip: after the first roast, they prick the joints where blood clots can be found to release blood during the second roast.

They carefully choose fresh, good quality ingredients for their sauces, spices and icings. „I think it’s one of the main things that make our chicken special,” says Kang. „The basics of cooking are using good ingredients and making sure they are prepared.” This great care in preparation is reflected in the soy sauce-based icing, which takes a full day to make and contains Korean spices, corn syrup, shishito and cheongyang peppers, spring onions, garlic, ginger, dried red peppers, and corn syrup. For their characteristic dish, fried chicken is coated with this sauce and topped with fried Jiri anchovies and shishito peppers. „It has to be delicious too,” says Kang. „That’s what we think is important.”

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