People often spend a large portion of their day at work, but what about the time you spend outside of it? How do you spend your weekend and evening hours? Every single person has been in a situation where they were simply at a loss over what to do. To help you avoid the endless scrolling on Instagram or Facebook, here are a few ideas on how you can spend your free time:

For entertainment

You need to decide what you enjoy doing for entertainment. This can include a wide range of activities, such as:

1.Try out a new game

When was the last time you played a game that you enjoyed? Nowadays, you have countless options from video games, to mobile games, to even online games that you can download on your mobile phone or play on your laptop. Depending on what your interests are, you always have a choice. If you enjoy gambling or online betting, for instance, you can try your luck at the Unibet casino games. You can even win money in the process!

2. Listen to some music

According to The British Association For Music Therapy, listening to music has many health benefits, and most importantly is known to improve your mood. Thus, why not blast some of your favourite songs in your room and simply spend some time dancing! Immediately, you will feel more energised.

3. Catch up on a movie or television series

Catching up on a movie or television series you wanted to watch for a while now is always an option. However, given that this is something that does not keep you active, you should never over-do it. Don’t make a point of binging a TV show that has 20 seasons, when you know that this could cause you to lose out on sleep.


Spend time with friends and family

Your loved ones always want the best for you, and spending quality time with people whose company you enjoy is bound to make you happier. Just make sure, as The Independent points out, that the friends you bond with inspire you and are positive, as this will rub off on your own personality.

Pursue a hobby

According to the NHS, hobbies help you live longer, and a big part of this can be credited with the fact that you are spending your time doing an activity that is improving your mental wellbeing. Remember, you don’t need to be good at your hobby, but you must enjoy it. Some examples can include:

  • Photography
  • Drawing or painting
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Sports

No matter how busy work may get, you always need to find time during your day to pursue activities outside of it. These are past-times that you enjoy and that will even improve your health in the process.

Self-care is essential in order for you to improve your quality of life, and although it is important to work and earn a living, it is just as important to not spend your free time doing activities that can negatively impact you in any way. In other words, spending an excess amount of time on social media is bound to lead you to compare yourself to others, when you need to focus on yourself.

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