As we become more reliant on mobile technology, we find creative ways on how smartphones and tablets can assist us with our daily lives. Even traveling is now made easier with the help of smartphones that comes with built-in map and a camera that keeps memories alive as they should be. In fact, TripAdvisor said that over 42 percent of travelers use their smartphone to plan and to book their trips. This is no longer surprising as the operator of mobile game Pocket Fruity revealed that more than 50 percent of smartphone usage accounts to personal usage such as remote working, researching, studying, and other daily activities.

We have become ‘connected travelers,’ and we have found more ways how your smartphones can accompany you on your next vacation.


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If you will be visiting a foreign territory, where English is not their first language, then you will find it difficult to travel alone. But, with your smartphone at hand, you can make the trip easier by making your handset your personal interpreter. There are apps that are specifically created to translate words and phrases. But, did you know that your built-in voice command such as Siri, Cortana, and Ok, Google can translate simple words and phrases easily? So long as you are connected to an internet connection, your handset’s voice command can find through online search the right translation of a foreign message.

Stay Connected
We do not suggest that you risk your handset by unlocking it, as you will lose its warranty once you root or jailbreak your mobile device. Although a bit expensive, continue to be on roaming SIM status. You can call your provider before leaving your place for any suggested way to avoid being overcharged while away. Many destinations are filled with free public Wi-Fi if you worry that you won’t be able to connect easily through the internet. But, be careful when using free internet in public places, as it can be a way for the perpetrators to hack your device and its data. The Next Web said that constant vigilance is the best way to avoid hackers.


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We aren’t already new to the capability of the smartphone to entertain us. But, during a vacation alone, your mobile device can keep you busy and entertained to its highest potential. How? Most PC games can now be accessed via the smartphone, so you can be sure that you can still play your favorite games wherever you go. In fact, some games do not even require an app or massive downloading to enjoy it, as you can access it directly via the browser. Similarly, some entertaining websites can also be accessed via the mobile browser such as YouTube and Spotify.

Previously, Mihaela Turcu listed five useful traveling apps you can install prior to your scheduled trip. With the right apps, your smartphone can be anything you want it to be. But, nothing beats preparation. How do you maximize your mobile device when traveling? Share your ideas with us below.

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