I Am Doing This! A Travel Adventure Inspires A New Life

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An empowering life adventure takes off with exciting solo travel and dominant intuition with compelling instructions: It’s time to GO!

Over 50 and solo, this free-spirited, focused woman, went for it. She wasn’t angry, newly divorced, broken-hearted, laid-off from work or suffering from empty-nest syndrome. Her heart-felt inner voice instructed her to GO. „Travel,” the voice said. „Travel until you feel like pausing. Then, pause and do whatever you want. Then live where you want to vacation. Live life like it’s a vacation. Be who you truly are. Contribute your gifts. Love. Inspire. You can do this!”

Would you do it? Would you quit your job, get rid of stuff, find a temporary home for your pet, and just GO? What initiative and planning does it take? What emotional issues arise when alone, severing traditional career and income, and traveling far, far away from familiar ways?

Nancy Rosenfeld is a former financial executive and former consultant to leadership teams with a career focused on „change,” first with organizations, and later guiding personal transformations. She experienced her own life-changing events while taking a one-year sabbatical from hectic consulting to refresh and recharge, shared in her book, A Left-Brain Thinker On A Right-Brain Journey. Already a national speaker and author, she later fused ancient tribal wisdom and mind/brain influences on a thriving life, acclaimed in her book, A Path to Higher Self: Ancient Tribal Wisdom Shows the Way. More than a travel book, Nancy now inspires you to follow your heart with a life plan that shouts, I am doing this!

– What does it look like to embrace uncertainty, especially when life previously was structured and controlled?

– What does it feel like to travel consecutively for 8 months, much of the time solo and on exotic islands, lodging in 55 places, with no end-date or final destination for where to live?

– What does it feel like to end a successful career just because you are compelled to GO, NOW?

– Are you curious about exploring Hawaii, New Zealand travel or Tasmania wilderness?

– How did meditation, intuition and journaling strongly guide Nancy’s life adventures?

Buckle up as Nancy takes you on her inner journey with tangible actions you can apply to change your life and declare: I am doing this! BONUS! Follow Nancy’s travel adventures visually with photos on her website with book’s name and author. It’s time to go!


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