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Spring 2015 Comes with an Ice Tunnel in Iceland

Just like summer has its sea, sun and beaches, winter too has incredible assets that leave people speechless. What would you say about a trip through an ice tunnel that was man made? Sounds exciting, right? And thanks to technology, people have the opportunity to see a little trailer of what a trip to the Langjökull glacier means.

This glacier is located somewhere in the north-eastern part of Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital. It is known as the second largest ice cap in the country and measures 953 square kilometres. Tourists will have the opportunity to visit this tunnel starting with the spring of 2015 and they will get to discover the way in which this glacier was formed.

Icecave Iceland is due to open in the spring of next year and will help tourists go into the heart of the Langjökull glacier and understand the way in which it has formed.

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Specialists believe that the glacial ice has formed with the help of the compacted snow which has been fallen for the last thousands of years. Because of this, the layers of ice have different colors representing distinct periods of snowfall. For instance, the whiter layers suggest that the weather was cold when they formed forcing the cold air to get trapped in the ice crystals (making them reflect light). On the other hand, the layers that are darker in color formed when the weather was warmer and little air got sucked in the snow.

Icecave Iceland is 1,640 foot (500 metre) long and it will include lights in order to expose all the layers of ice better. The tours will be run from March to October, if the weather allows it.

Bellow you can find a great preview of how the tour will go. Attention: it’s breathtaking! Enjoy!