About 22 tons of Geographic Indication (GI) certified Jalgaon bananas were sourced from progressive farmers in the village of Tandalwadi in the Jalgaon district of Maharashtra, a banana cluster identified under agricultural export policy. The bananas were recently exported to Dubai, according to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

In 2016, Jalgaon Banana received GI certification registered with Nisargraja Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) Jalgaon.

The Department of Commerce and Industry announced in a statement that India’s banana exports in terms of both volume and value from 1.34 lakh metric ton worth Rs 413 crore in FY19 to 1.95 lakh metric ton worth Rs 660 crore in FY20. In the 2020-21 period (Ril-February) the country exported bananas worth 1.91 lakh tons worth Rs. 619 million euros.

India’s banana exports have risen sharply due to the introduction of cultivation methods according to global standards. In this context, the first GI certified Jardalu Mangoes commercial shipment was also exported from Bihar to the UK.

With a share of around 25% of total production, India is the world’s leading banana producer.

Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh account for more than 70% of the country’s banana production.

Art from it, the Ministry of Commerce also supports exports through various programs such as Trade Infrastructure for Export Scheme, Market Access Initiative, etc.


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