Food businesses in the country have been extended to meet the 2020 Infant Formula Food Regulations. The former food regulatory authority has extended the deadline for the implementation of the regulations by 10 months.

As stipulated in the communication, these provisions will come into force on 1 ril 2022 instead of 1 July 2021.

The FSSAI has issued an order regarding this, stating that the decision was made after careful consideration.

“After careful consideration, it was decided to extend the transition period for the aforementioned regulation (food safety standards) [Food for Infant Nutrition] Regulations 2020) until March 31, 2022 „, says the regulation.

These regulations were communicated in December 2020.

The reason for this is the comments received by the former food regulatory authority from several interest groups, which called for an extension of compliance.

Stakeholders urged the FSSAI that since the entire portfolio requires reformulations including stability studies, which is a mammoth and time consuming activity, it will take time to comply with all the provisions of the new regulations.

These regulations prescribe the compositions of infant formula for infants during the first six months, infant formula after six months to 24 months of age, and food for special medical purposes for infants.

The regulation also prescribes compliance requirements for various parameters such as moisture, total protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, as well as optional ingredients normally found in breast milk.

The regulation also prescribes food additives, emulsifiers and acidity regulators that can be used in the manufacture of infant formula and lays down the labeling requirements for such foods.


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