Infant Safety Car Seats Guide For 2018

Protecting your child or new born is your responsibility only. Child safety is a mandatory requirement according to law. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent your child correctly while travelling. Proper care and support while travelling will ensure safety of the child all time. That’s why it is advisable for you to keep your children from any misery or fatal injuries in case of any accident or car crash.

The correct model of installing child safety seats is towards rear facing child seat technique instead of forward facing seats when the child is new born or too young.

There are three types of rear facing car seats. These are infant car seats, convertible car seats and booster seats. You can choose one of the car seats among all for your child safety. Let us know about three of them and then you can choose according to your choice.

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Infant car seats are for the kids who are of the weight 22 to 35 pounds and are 29 to 32 inches tall. It is also known as rear facing car seats. Install car seats for the children below 1 years of age.  Some superior features of infant car seats are:

  • Fully secured: they are the rear faced car seats and is accompanies by three to five point harnesses to prevent child from any injury. It will protect the child from head to hip.
  • Carrying Handle feature: it has a conveying handle that broadens the compactness. You can use the car seats as carriers while moving the infant.
  • Have separable bases: the car seat has a separable base so that you can detach the baby after leaving the car.


Convertible rear facing seat is not only rear facing seat but you can use it as a forward facing seat as well. They are larger and heavier as compared to infant only car seat. It can carry a baby weigh between 40-80 pounds and up to 50 inches tall. There are two types of convertible rear facing seats. First is convertible rear facing and second is all-in-one rear facing.

Features of convertible facing car seats

  • It can be changed from rear facing to forward facing car seat.
  • They are greater and heavier with no handles or separable bases.
  • They can carry heavier weight i.e. from 40-50 pounds.
  • When install car seats, check the manual setup for rear and forward facing seat.
  • It has 5 point harnesses to position the child accurately.

 Features of all-in-one rear facing seat

  • It can be changed into an additional mode along with rear and forward facing. The third mode is booster mode.
  • It consists of all the features of the rear facing convertible seat mentioned below. It is 3-in-1 car seat.

Booster Car Seats

Once your child exceeds the capacity limit of convertible car seats, it’s an opportunity to switch to the booster car seats. It has been created for the purpose for children of age group to 4 years or whose weight is less than 40 pounds. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) prescribes that children ride in promoter seats until they’re no less than 8 years of age and 4 feet 9 inches tall. It has 5 point harness seat that will protect the child in any car crash. You can get two styles of booster car seats: a high back booster and a backless booster. The second one is helpful when your car seat is low. It will provide head support to your child whenever it will be needed. You can take advantage of both the type of boosters if you purchase a combinational setup of both. Then you can utilize it as forward facing booster, or rear-facing booster.

These are the types of child car safety seats that you can install to prevent your child from any fatal injury in case of any accident or car crash. It is your obligation to protect your child. If you have a new born baby, then it’s necessary to choose right type of seat with you. Now you can look at the features of all the car seats and can choose accordingly.

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