The American-Mexican chains have spoken, and they say it’s time to jump forward … in cheese. For the first time since adding the salad 17 years ago, Chipotle has added a new customizable item to its menu. This time it’s a Quesadilla Made from Monterey Jack cheese and all other burrito bar ingredients and available exclusively through the restaurant. Chipotle says the quesadilla takes longer to make than bowls and burritos due to the grilled tortilla and melted cheese, and a previous order keeps the line moving.

Taco Bell seems to have figured out the secret that cheese melts quickly (is it cheese sauce?) And it is bring back the beloved Quesalupa for a limited time. Those with the Taco Bell p will have access to the Taco-inside-a-Quesadilla innovation on March 10th, which will be added to all menus in the store on March 11th.

So what about spring dairy inviting? It’s not that everyone introduces themselves Fish rolls for Lent. Maybe it’s just the promise of the new mixed with the memory of the freshness of the milk that makes us yearn for cheese, all the better when we stretch it between two crispy tortillas. Or maybe it is half of Chipotle’s sales came from his p in the last fiscal quarter and a new menu item (with all the ingredients already there) could mean another boost. The world may never know! But if you’re worried about what to order at a Taco Bell or a Chipotle, cheer yourself up: a quesadilla is almost impossible to screw up.

De Dana

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