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Joining the Dots New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia

Joining the Dots New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia

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This trip was always intended to be a journey, joining the dots. Cycling from places I have been before, to places I’ve never been. Revisiting special places, and finding new special places. Seeing for myself what others have talked about, places that previously I’ve only seen from 30,000 feet, places I’ve read about, or dreamed of visiting. The initial plan involved visiting 64 countries over four years and eight months. Ju said it was too long. Cut it in half. So, there I was, on a 900 day, 50,000km, adventure, joining the dots in 41 countries.

What does a long distance cyclist see as they cross countries?

Who do they encounter?

What do they think about during those long hours in the saddle?

What do they learn?

Are there scary times?

What about the weather?

How many punctures, bikes, tyres?

What do you eat?

Does your bum hurt?

Find out all the answers as Grum cycles across New Zealand Australia and Indonesia on the first leg of his adventure.