Just Food’s industry analysis that caught your attention in 2021

Just Food's industry analysis that caught your attention in 2021

No jab, no job? Food companies raise the sore subject of vaccine mandates
In mid-2021, a number of food companies publicly announced vaccine mandates for workers. Simon Creasey considered a topic that could prove controversial, but one that many companies would likely chew on.

Private equity, Flowers Foods touted for Weston Foods bakery facilities
One of North America’s largest bakery companies, Weston Foods, went up for sale in March. Dean Best investigated why the owner, George Weston Ltd. leaves the bakery sector and what interest there might be in the assets.

Indoor Farming and the Prospects for Profitability
Concerns about climate change and food security have fueled optimism about controlled environmental management, but, wrote Simon Harvey, operators are faced with questions about their profitability projections.

What does the future of the Danone CEO look like with an activist local investor?
In January, an activist investor called for Danone’s CEO Emmanuel Faber to be dismissed. Simon Harvey assessed whether the proposals are valid.

China becomes Nestle’s problem child as Schneider pursues growth goals
Nestlé cheered shareholders in February with a long-term growth target, but the decline in sales in China needed to be addressed. Simon Harvey looked at the tasks ahead.

What will attract consumers to “hybrid” meat products?
As more and more consumers became interested in the sustainability of their diet, David Burrows asked what role “hybrid” meat and vegetable products can play. Early launches weren’t always successful.

Markets flinch at the effectiveness of Unilever’s new strategy without portfolio revision
A new strategy presented by Unilever CEO Alan Jope failed to convince investors, wrote Simon Harvey in February when he was looking at the main disputes.

Where to go for Danone after Faber’s departure?
Following Emmanuel Faber’s departure from Danone in March, Andy Coyne pondered what the priorities might be for those who will take the helm of the French food and beverage giant.

JBS cyberattack shows why food companies need to take security seriously
The cyber attack on the meat giant JBS in June showed how vulnerable food companies are to security breaches.

Will AI make a difference in the fight against food waste?
Food multinationals are using AI to try to increase processing efficiency and reduce food waste, a topic Ben Cooper researched for Just Food in June.

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