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Kid-Friendly Snacks for Parties

Lucky you: you’ve been tasked with hosting the next meeting of the kids, or in other words, the next rambunctious playdate for your kids and their friends.

Aside from all the games and activities they’ll need to stay busy all day, there is one other issue you need to handle: the snacks.

And if you don’t want to go out and buy a bunch of processed nonsense for it, like the standard old potato chips, then you’ll need some ideas for kid-friendly snacks.

Once again, lucky you. We got you with some ideas. Here are three.

Biscuits with Spreads

Everyone loves biscuits, especially when they’re covered in tasty spreads like jelly, peanut butter, or bacon jam. You can really add any kinds of toppings you want. Just halve the biscuits, add your spread, and maybe warm them up a little, and then serve them to all the kids. These are filling and will certainly hit the spot when hunger sets in.

Crispy Potato Wedges

Another great and simple idea is to carve up some fresh potatoes into cubes or wedges, season them with some garlic or onion powder or rosemary, and then roast them in the oven for a bit to get them browned and crispy. These can be eaten plain or with ketchup like big steak fries. However you make yours, the kids are sure to love these.


Finally, we have miniature burgers for you. You make the burgers–with either some fresh ground beef or frozen patties–and then cut them up into small pieces that can fit on little hunks of burger rolls. You’re essentially making finger burgers, you know, that can fit between two fingers. You’ll have the bun, the burger, and anything else the kids will eat, such as lettuce or tomato. These are great because they’re small and can be eaten on the go!

There are plenty of other ideas you can go for with kids’ party snacks. Make your own Chex mix, or cover banana pieces with chocolate, or bake your own pizza if you have those special skills! Think like a kid. What will a kid eat? And then go from there.

If you make things interesting, the kids will surely remember your house as the cool one with the good food. You may or may not want them to keep coming back, but at least you’ll be prepared.