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Nowadays the majority of respectable hotels offer packages that include comfortable beds, delicios food and various amenities like spa, fitness or cinema. But what hotel in this world do you know that offers rides in a submarine? Classy, right? If you want to experience the sweet life of a dolphin go ahead and book a room at the Luacala Island resort. Why? Well, as I said you have the chance to hop in a futuristic submarine called DeepFlight Super Falcon.

So far so good, huh? You might also want to know that this submarine is property of the private Luacala Island in Fiji that offers an all-inclusive package to all those who want to delight their underwater senses. Before being included into this package, an hour-long ride in the submarine cost $2,000 per person.

What do you get for this money? You might think that you throw away $2,000 but you get a ride into the wonders of the ocean at depths of 40 to 60 feet and you get to be one with the creatures of the ocean.

The DeepFlight Super Falcon on Laucala Island

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The DeepFlight Super Falcon is a winged submarine that has the ability to rotate to 360 degrees with the help of acrylic domes. It can also dive as deep as 1,500 feet and one piece costs $1,7 million. We expected this price from a technology of this type. But if you add the fact that the designer, Graham Hawkes also built extravagant submersibles for the James Bond movie ‘For Your Eyes Only’ and for James Cameron’s ‘Aliens of the Deep’ I wonder why its price is not a bit higher. But that’s just me!

So now you know that if you want to own your personal piece of submarine you’d have to write a check of almost $2 million. But at least you will be on the same page as Dietrich Mateschitz, the owner of Laucala Island and the co-founder of Red Bull, and also Richard Branson and Tom Perkins from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

The dive

The trip lasts one hour and each participant rides the submarine together with a pilot who takes him or her from the main beach of the island towards the inner reef (a section known as Black Rock). Those who have the courage to live an adventure like this get the chance to see clown fish, turtles, scorpion fish or leopard sharks. Among others!

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When you are as rich as to afford spending a vacation on a private island, I guess wasting a week’s allowance on a submarine ride is not so bad. What do you think about this type of relaxation?

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